The Capital Punishment awarded by the Delhi High Court and Trial Court earlier in Nirbhaya Gang rape and Murder case also had upheld by the Apex Court in it’s May 27 verdict.

Pleading this death verdict as ‘Cold Blooded Murder’ ,3 Convicts of this heinous crime again approached to the demiurge of Indian Justice system.

Not mere the court of law ,even each and every Indian including the rest of the world after knowing the truth of this horrendous and monstrous  act of Gang rape and Murder on 16th December of 2012 also wanted by heart and soul to hang all the culprits in public till death.

Today, the day of 9 July 2018 is absolutely historic day of Justice system of India that put forward a land mark judgement by upholding the capital punishment to all the convicts of Nirbhaya case which does establish an immense respect and trust of common men in India  on the Apex Court of India.

 Asha Devi, mother of the 2012 Delhi gang rape victim ,Nirbhaya urged, “This decision reaffirms our trust in the court that we will definitely get justice” after Supreme Court dismissed the review petition of Accused.

She again told, “Our struggle does not end here. Justice is getting delayed. It’s affecting other daughters of the society. I request  judiciary to tighten their judicial system, serve justice to Nirbhaya by hanging them as soon as possible and help other girls and women,”

Badrinath Singh , father of Nirbhaya “We knew that review petition will be dismissed. But what next? So much time has gone by and threat to women have gone up in this span. I believe sooner they’re hanged, better it is,”

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