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The bad habit of eating is more dangerous than smoking cigarette which is the reason for obesity

The brain gets the signal only when the stomach is 100 percent filled. if you eat less then the size of the stomach will shrink over time. But if you do revers of it ,then no doubt you must be less fatty.

Bad diet is more deadly than  the bad habit of your smoking. Therefore, it is necessary that people avoid junk food and adopt a vegetable based diet. According to the 2017 figures of the Global Burden of Disease Study, 20 percent of world deaths are due to poor diet which especially contains junk food.

It has been observed that stressful environments inspire people to eat spicy, spicy junk food.

This bad habit spoils the definition of nutritious food.

It is important to understand that healthy diet does not mean consuming 30 times of calorie of the current weight of a person. You need the exact balance of gross and subtle nutrients is equally important.

Padma Shri Dr K.K. Aggarwal, President, (HCFI) Heart Care Foundation of India  says, “Our ancient institutions and traditions have advised us about the problems of food. Our enriched and incredible tradition advocates the principles of diversity and  it’s boundaries and as per our traditional values , we should eat many types of food in different colors.We should believe in eating our food in  seven different colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white) along with six flavors (sweet, sour, salted, bitter, spicy and astringent)  which were recommend as per our ancient traditional food values.There are several instances of food circle as per our  mythology  such as fasting which is absolutely a tradition system of food habits for us. But it does not mean  to eat nothing , just to leave some of your food habits,”

He told that someone has eaten something, the brain gets this signal only after 20 minutes. For this, it is important to chew every meal at least 15 times. Not only provides enough hormones for enzymes, but also sends signals to the brain. Therefore, the time for every meal should be 20 minutes.

Dr. Agarwal further said, “Taste buds are only on the ends and the edge of the tongue. If you swallow food, the brain will not get the signal. By eating small pieces and chewing them properly also through taste buds is one of the most important part of your everyday food habits. The size of the fullness of the stomach determines how much someone can eat, the brain gets the signal only when the stomach is 100 percent filled, if you eat less then the size of the stomach will shrink over time. “


Suggestions of Dr. Agarwal:

– Eat less and enjoy your meal by eating slowly.
– Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables.
– At least half of  your meal should contain raw.
– Avoid food that is high in trans fat and sugar.
– Choose healthy fat. Use fat-free or low-fat milk and dairy products.
– Drink plenty of water. Avoid sugary drinks.
Avoid foods that contain high levels of sodium, such as snacks, processed foods.
Above all, balance your food choices as per your activity.


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