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The Brain Behind Rankshetram : The War Saga

Right from childhood days, Utkarsh Srivastava was fond of drawing sketches of mythological heroes of Ramayana as well as Mahabharata. After he had gone through the in-depth meaning of these epics, he started writing from his school days and within a year, he wrote two novels in his diaries and titled it as Mahayudh, but remained unpublished.. After a span of four years, he rewrote it, enhancing the previous story and as a result, he came up with the series Rankshetram.
Utkarsh Srivastava

He gives credit of his interest in mythology to his maternal grandfather who use to narrates epic stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata since his childhood. That was the beginning of his inspiration to write stories.
In 2016 first edition of Rankshetram was published, and in 2018, the second installment of the trilogy was published.
While writing the third installment of Rankshetram, he realized that the first part of Rankshetram was full of flaws. Because while writing Durbheeksh and Durdhara, he got really attached with the charcter named Durbheeksh due to which story was much better than earlier. Considering the first part of the trilogy to be a drawback , he rewrote it in order to match the quality of the first part. This became the sole reason for bringing the new edition of the first part along with the third part. In the words of Mr. Utkarsh, “Earlier, he wasn’t confident enough, but now He feels that he can say that this series is worth reading.”

Rankshetram is divided into three installments:

Rakshraj Markesh ka Ant

This is a story of fight between Dharm & Adharm. A tale of war between two fighters ,one who is moral and other one who is not inmoral, but support his Guru’s wrong ways and wrong doings constitutes it’s theme.
This is story of two generations of brothers ,one who killed his elder brother by deceit, and other who stood with his brothers even against his own father. You can’t help but feel awed by bravery of Vikramajeet to Tejaswi and yugandhr ,Rakshraj to Akhand.
There are so many characters but each one has their own story to tell. Mr. Utkarsh has done a tremendous job of binding the story so beautifully and made it intriguing.

Asureshwar Durbheeksha Ki Wapsi

The story revolves around mostly about Durbheeksha who is half human and half demon. How demon Guru Bhairavnath played a trick and turned Raja Yayati’s divine would-be-son into half demon and half human. Guru Omeshwar helped Raja Babhooti and with his divine power turned his son into a child with divine powers . The book is intersting with various twists and turns and help us uncover the life journey of Durbheeksha.

Durbheeksha and Durdhara

The final part of the trilogy let us know about one more story of love and betrayal and blood bath .
While ,returning from a war against Hashtinapur , Durbheeksha chance upon few Garurs and Reech Jamwant . He killed King of Garur in a fair fight but a misunderstanding of the situation by his wife left him cursed. After meeting Jamwant ,he accompanied him for a journey. In this journey ,Durbheeksha fell in love with Durdhara who is the princess of Gandharva. He saved her along with her father and his fellow Gandharva.
But again ,Bhairavnath played his cruel game and after lot of plotting and planning he manage to separate Durbheeksha and Durdhara. He was heart broken but is able to obtain his old self .
What happened? Did they meet and who are the two warrior princes who are a life threat to Durbheeksha?
So many questions? One solution! Read the complete trilogy find the truth behind the mystery of these deceit and treacheries.

By TAC Literature Desk

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