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The Cost of Blowing Whistle may get you out from the Hostel:JNU

Any kind of Protest by JNU Hostel inmates  shall lead them  to make out of Hostel including hike in  their hostel fees .

||Muskan Gupta

JNU hostel rules are going to be strict and students have started opposing it. At the same time, JNU is now going to increase the hostel fees, it will be announced soon. Students are going to raise their voice against the strict rules of hostels. Against rules like banning exit from the hostel after 11:30 pm, fine clothes in the mess, strictness on arrival of outsiders, fine on violation of rules, removal from hostel on raising voice.

Varsity students including the student Union term it as is against culture and they claim that the varsity wants to bring curfew rule in  JNU. On the other hand, the administration says that the rules are already in place, but are not  followed strictly.

 The administration is bringing a new draft of hostel manual, whatever rules will be made, will be strictly enforced.

Dr. Umesh Kadam, in-charge of JNU Dean-Students Welfare Administration, says the hostel fees are very low at present, the fee structure is more than 25 years old. Room rent is 10 rupees a day, then the fee will increase. Otherwise how will 18 hostels be maintained / scholarship-fellowship has increased.

Mess charges, hostel charges will be kept in view of neither loss nor profit. Actually, the money for the mess manager used to come from the fees of the students. But now the UGC has stopped giving utility funds and  other services like cooks, maintenance staff, housekeeping, fees will have to be increased.

Ashutosh, a former politician with Aam Aadmi Party who was alumnus of the varsity said, “This is rubbish and absurd, JNU is known for its freedom, liberty and by checking rules of hostel timings and other amendments proposed in draft, the administration is going against the very premise of JNU as an institution.”

On this new  draft of strictures, Ishi Ghosh, president of JNU Students Union says, “Even at 4 pm on campus, a girl can leave the hostel without fear.”

Ishi Ghosh further says, “we will start the signature campaign as  on this draft of new rules as  students, faculty and other stakeholders have been asked to reply by 18 October.”

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