The Cow Smuggling Cop Of UP

The Smuggler of cows is none other than a Cop. Shocked! But in fact it’s true as was reported from the newly turned saffron corridor of India, Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Ikram Ullah till 31st March 2018 was also cop in charge at Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh to curb illegal smuggling of cows  which are used to fulfill the carnivorous Mindset of some non -vegetarians in Uttar Pradesh. But unfortunately a sour truth did unearth when 3 other criminals who were involved in this thousands of cow smuggling have been arrested. After Police interrogation, these two young cow smugglers revealed that the Cop Mr. Ikram Ullah, a cop on duty at Gorakhpur himself is involved in this unfortunate cow smuggling in this area.

Even Mr. Ullah also was helping smugglers to transport thousands of cows from Gorakhpur to other places of Uttar Pradesh and other parts of India. He was charging INR 2000/- for each vehicle which was meant to transport cows illegally from Gorakhpur. It seems, the religious fanatic Mindset has not ended in the mind of Ikram Ullah. Else a protector can not be a savior of crime and criminals.

It was his responsibility to free the society from the fear of criminals, punish those who break the law. But he didn’t .He sold his responsibility and duty only mere for thousands of rupees.

Readers and viewers of this news article need to know that Gorakhpur is the home constituency of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The cop, Iqram Ullah who was given the responsibility to eliminate the crime against cows and cattle himself was involved in this unfortunate Cow Smuggling. He even used to help the local Butchers to send local cows to butcher house crossing the line of his duty and responsibility.

This sour truth only could be revealed when the state crime Branch of CAINT AREA ceased a BALERO (Four Wheeler) used for the purpose of cow-smuggling at KHORABAR area near Gorakhpur on last Friday Morning.

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