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The Crawling Economy of Pakistan:One LTR. Of Milk Costs @120

This is the reason why restless Pakistan is taking strange decisions after the decision of the Government of India to remove Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

|| Karamveer Kamal (Editor-In-Chief)

In the same rage, Pakistan had banned ‘Samjhauta Express’ and ‘Thar Express’ trains connecting India which is in fact one of Economic slowdown of Pakistan.

According to the local media reports, Pakistan is not in the mood to restore the operations of ‘Samjhauta Express’ and ‘Thar Express’ trains.

As per the local media reports of Pakistan, the Railway Ministry of Pakistan issued a notification to the Divisional Superintendents of Lahore and Karachi and directed them to keep the train services suspended indefinitely until further order.

 Samjhauta Express runs between ‘Lahore’ in Pakistan and ‘Attari’ in Punjab, while ‘Thar Express’ runs between ‘Munabao’ in Rajasthan to ‘Karachi’.

‘Samjhauta Express’ runs twice a week, on Monday and Thursday, while ‘Thar Express’ runs only once a week on Friday and returns to India the very next day. Passengers of both countries traveling by these trains are facing difficulties due to suspension.

Pakistan is reflecting this arrogance at a time after it has recently suffered a loss of 3 thousand crores. The US has cut its aid to give $ 450 million (about Rs 3036 crore) cash assistance to Pakistan.


This assistance is provided by the US under the Pakistan Enhanced Partnership Agreement (PEPA) 2010.

The agreement was signed in 2010, a year before the US Congress passed the Kerry Lugar Burman (KLB) Act on October 2009, to give it effect.

According to this, America will provide $ 750 million to Pakistan in a span of 5 years. However, after this agreement, the relationship between America and Pakistan never went well.

Pakistan’s economy has collapsed completely and the people there are plagued by sky-high inflation, but the Imran government is busy in giving war threat  to India these days.

The economic recession in Pakistan has become so bad that it is becoming immense difficult to meet the daily needs of the common men. Prices of all things for livlihood including pulses, sugar, gas, milk, fruits are on fire.

Pic-The Washington Post

 After closing all most all the business with India, it looks that Pakistan has killed the ax on its own leg. 

The prices of  daily needs like lentils are skyrocketing. In Pakistan, One Kilogram lentils are being sold for Rs 160, ‘Moong Dal’ Rs 170,’ Masoor Dal’ Rs 130 and ‘Arhar Dal ‘up to Rs 180 kg.

If you want to know about milk, you shall be astonished that in Pakistan One Liter of Milk is now being sold ranging from 100 rupees to 120 rupees.

This is the reason that milk is now out of reach for the poor people there in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, this staggering inflation has also spoiled the taste of tea , because people have to pay up to 80 rupees for one kg of sugar there. At the same time, the price of one ‘naan roti ‘has reached 40 rupees. The price of cooking gas and petrol is also on fire in Pakistan. The price of a liter of petrol is 117 rupees.

The worth of One Dollar in Pakistan also looks devastating with 159 Rupees 76 Paise in comparison of India with 71 Rupees 14 Paise.


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