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The Discrepancy of a Civilized Society Requiring Deserved Attention

Isn’t it an irony that a society which boasts of its sophistication still considers prostitution a necessary evil? The society of this so-called intellects and optimates have a biased view whenever there is a talk on sex workers. Indeed! They feel their moral responsibility to talk about their betterment and at the same time feel privileged to have a biased view towards them as they are the so-called cultured and respected clan of the society.The society which boasts of human rights even on petty issues deny them from the basic need of healthcare and support from the law enforcers being stucked in a dungeon. A world in itself which is already burdened with the stigmatization, even from their loved ones hardly think upon to be at the receiving end of equality and the basic rights which we consider an important ingredient of an egalitarian and liberal society. And the sole reason is our dual mentality!

In a country where more than 8,00,000 sex workers are working in this dungeon according to the National AIDS Control Organization, we can understand the plight as its an open secret that the unofficial numbers would be surely much higher.

Different women have different reasons to be in this profession and even almost half of them consider to give it a halt owing to the stigma attached with it. The life of a sex worker is always a bouquet of mystery and the author have done ample research to unravel their life, struggle, agony, wrath and god knows what else. A discrepancy of a civilized society deserves a thorough attention, and we would expect that the author would come with such more sensible masterpieces which could create a positive impact in the society.

Review by Ashish Raj
Book: Daughters Of The Brothel: Stories from Delhi’s Red-light District
Author: Deepak Yadav
Publisher: Bigfoot
Price: 99/- (Kindle)
Pages: 224
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