The First Member Of The Ram Mandir Trust To Be Bajrangbali Hanuman Ji

The King and Doctor Ashok K Thakur, a member of the Royal family of the ‘Siba Princely State’ of Himachal Pradesh, appealed through a letter to the Prime Minister and the President a few days ago about the construction of the Ram temple. The letter informed that any member of Lord Rama’s inheritors must be included in the Shri Ram Mandir Trust under whose guidance this sacred temple shall be constructed and it’s up to the Union Government to decide whose inherited name should be included in this list.

Raja Dr. Ashok K Thakur


Now this King’s family has requested the government again. This time the request is for Lord Hanuman, the supreme Sewak of Lord Ram. King Ashok Thakur has urged The Asian Chronicle that, “We want Lord Bajrangbali to have a place in the Ram Temple Trust. Because according to mythology, Hanuman jee is immortal and is still alive. The nation should have faith both in Lord Sri Ram as well as Bajrangbali Hanuman Ji.

There is a belief that Hanuman Ji is still alive and he should find his suitable place in the trust along with Shri Ram temple.

Dr. Ashok Thakur says that he has written a letter of appeal to both the Prime Minister and the President about this. Because of the loyalty and feeling of royalty to the country, we want the government to consider this suggestion too. Hanuman Ji has been the true servant of Lord Shri Ram Ji that each one of this country knows and believes.

Alike our nation runs in the name of the President, similarly, we want that all the works of the temple should also be done in the name of Lord Hanuman, the supreme Sewak of Lord Shri Ram. And his name should be inscribed first as the Member of Sri Ram Mandir Trust.

In the earlier letter, King Ashok Thakur demanded that the family which claims to be inheritors of Lord Shri Ram, the government should include a member of any of those families in the trust.

We spoke to the UP BJP spokesperson and Vishwa Hindu Parishad spokesperson Surinder Jain about these views of Raja Ashok Thakur.

In this case, BJP UP spokesperson Harish Chandra has said that the Honorable Supreme Court has given instructions to the Central Government to form a trust. Whatever suggestions will be received by the Central Government, it will be implemented after discussing it with those possible.

According to Vishwa Hindu Parishad spokesperson Surendra Jain, “The Hon’ble Supreme Court has entrusted the task of building trust to the Central Government. Thus any suggestions received by the Central Government regarding the Ram temple will be considered. Concerning the matter of taking Hanuman Ji’s name as the very first member of the said trust, Mr. Jain urged that all of us will look into it and give appropriate suggestions wherever it will be necessary. ”

In this way, Surendra Jain does not deny the existence of Hanuman Ji, but due to some hurdles of the law, he doubts about its possibilities. According to him, Shri Ram Lalla was represented by some individuals. If anyone comes to represent Hanuman Ji, then everyone has to look into this subject.

We also talked to a well-known astrologer Chhaya Singh of Delhi. Chhaya Singh informed that

Astrologer Chaya Singh

“There is no doubt that Hanuman Ji is absolutely an immortal power of Hinduism. He is everywhere in the form of a ‘Shakti’. My personal belief is that whether Hanuman Jee, Shiv Ji or any other God, all of them present everywhere in this eternal earth in the form of ‘Shakti’.


And all of their existence was also here, there and everywhere. As far as Hanuman Ji is concerned, I believe that Hanuman Ji exists. So if people include Hanuman Ji’s name in the trust with their devotion, then there will be nothing wrong with this.”

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