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The Fugitive : Swami Nityananda

 As per the rules of law in India, the self-declared God-Man Swami Nityananda is an absconding accused of illegal confinement of girls in his education institute in south India.

||Anjan K Samal

After the complaint filed by the parents of the girl the investigation into the matter has been going on for a fortnight.

In between, the news came from abroad that the so-called controversial saint is not in India but in out of India. Astonishingly it has been revealed that the controversial God-Man not only bought an Island in South America but also proclaimed the Island as a radical Hindu Nation whose Master In charge is he, himself.


May the Almighty save Incredible India from the clutch of such Saints and self-proclaimed ‘Avatars’ who are even more dangerous than dreaded criminals and underworld dons.

Look at such saints alike, Baba Asharam, Baba Ram Rahim, Baba Narayan Swami and many more who are now a day inside the jail for their respective sins……!

A matter of fact that not mere bites me every moment but thousands of others too. As per the HINDU religion, there are as many as 33 crores of the Gods and Goddesses, then why such Fake and self-centered Saints we the people need to follow the path of divinity.  

Let’s know some details about the Fugitive Baba Nityanand.

He named the Island as an Independent Nation of ‘KAILASSA’ along with the nation’s Passport, Flag, National Animal, National Languages and many more.

Many followers of Nityananda, accused him of raping and kidnapping girls even below the age of 18. At present the amid of police investigation, he has fled from India. Gujarat Police is working with the Ministry of External Affairs to bring back Nityananda who is now in his self-declared country, an Island of South America. Even the court of law has ordered for his arrest as soon as he returns to the country.


Interestingly he also made the flag of his self declared KAILASSA in Maroon color. It has two symbols – Nityananda on the throne and a Nandi on the other.

Since the allegation of rape, there has been a big disclosure about absconding Baba Nityananda. Media reports claimed that Nityananda bought an island from Ecuador, a country in South America. He has declared this island a free country, named ‘Kailassa’. A website named after this has been also created by the greedy Nityananda.


According to Kailas ‘website,’ this island is close to Trinidad. In this, people have been appointed to all government posts like any other independent country. Such as – Prime Minister, Cabinet Minister, Army Chief and others. ‘ Nityananda has appointed his close follower ‘Maa'(Mother) as Prime Minister. The constitution and government structure are given on the website. There are claims to form some ministries, departments, and agencies. Not only this, but Nityananda has also made a separate flag of his country. Things like national animals, national birds, national flowers and national trees have also been announced. It has also been told that if someone wants to become a citizen of this place, he can come to live thereby donating.



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