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The H-1B Imbroglio

US Government freezes H-1B with other non-immigrant visas

A passport and a visa are needed when we are traveling to different countries or places outside India. The H-1B visa is one of the most popular categories of visas because it leads to different amendments from time to time and the rules and regulations keep changing most of the time.

The H-1B visa is a United States visa provided under the Immigration and nationality act which provides U.S employees to hire foreign workers in their profession or company. This can be made for a minimum period of six months and can be extended up to six years. But after six years, the reapplication process will be carried out. It is said that due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks the rules of H-1B were changed to the strict mode which created problems for the foreigners working as permanent or contract basis employees. Since that time the panelists of the U.S Immigration department keep changing or can say, keep updating the rules as per the security and conditions in the country.

The United States of America provides approximately 90,000 H-1B visas every year and terms and conditions keep changing every year.

Due to the present conditions of America joined with the Covid-19 outbreak, the American government extended the validity of every H-1B visa by six years which is the last limit of extension. However, the students, workers, and employees working in the United States of America are not allowed to move on their country due to blocked international air space.

This time the United States has decided to freeze H-1B visas and other non-immigrant worker visas. It will follow up causing a great impact on the biggest IT firms like Amazon and Google because the highest number of foreign employees of these companies are working in the country. The extension of the visa is made due to the current Covid-19 situation while the freezing of all visas will continue until the end of this year.

One of the biggest reasons for this suspension of visas because of the economic conditions of the country. Due to the COVID situation, the local Americans lost their job and due to lockdown and a harsh impact of COVID on America, left the country with pain and tough situations. According to one of the reports from the government of America, “  the suspension of the visas are due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. Many companies hire employees at a cheap rate from different Asian and African countries instead of the Americans. The situation is getting worse and leading different economical hits to the government. Thus, there is a no better option to engage the Americans back to these jobs and uplift the economical conditions of the country”.

In the year 2019, most employees are for Amazon and Google was there securing the second spot on the number of H-1B visa holder workers. Now, the government Is trying to clear some foreigners and give a try for the economic upliftment.

Since 1952, the H-1B visa’s terms and conditions are changed a lot which remained controversial for foreigners. The company is asking for more profit, foreigners are asking for wages and they are well enough to settle at a cheap rate due to the currency value. But that has created trouble for Americans to get a job. Thus, if the condition becomes worse then another strict action can be expected from the government of the U.S.A.

The U.S government has thoughts like low-cost skilled IT professionals and other skilled workers are dumping the nation’s economy and giving rise to unemployment to the national citizens of America. But the experts say that “ There are different professionals and skilled workers are on a job in different countries, by this the company has the profit and leads the way in the development of their firm with the employees. It doesn’t make any sense to provide easy service to citizens directly. Every company should have its own decisions and plans, the government can’t make such restrictions on the companies. If they do so, then it will be a kind of pressure on the company”.

While the government defended and told that, these are the strict decisions from the government by thinking about the whole community of the United States which includes the national people as well as foreigners. The extension of the visas are the signs that the government cares about the visitors but on this harsh period of the Covid-19 outbreak, it’s more important to think and take relevant actions in support of our decreased economic conditions.

It will be a matter of consideration of the further decisions of the government after the opening of international air space for foreign flights and what are the further decisions made by the government.

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