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The Hazardous and Killer Fog

Every year during November-December, a prominent news appears in all the newspapers. That news is about using bright yellow tape on the vehicle to get rid of fog in winter. This need for applying yellow lights and tape is to reduce accidents due to the thick fog that leads to zero visibility.
|| TAC News Bureau

Many awareness programs and campaigns are conducted by the government for the public interest at large for the sake of checking unprecedented accidental deaths. Government authorities do this job by joining hands with some NGOs and civil societies.

But this most important awareness programs and campaigns remain for mere some days.

 Therefore,it raises the question that can this work out to prevent accidents by running such needed campaigns only for a few days?

Applying reflection tape on lights of vehicles is helpful to some extent. But despite this, accidents are skyrocketing due to this killer fog.

In this 21st century, man has reached the moon. People also have started living and moving in space. But till now scientists across the world have not been able to succeed in terms of handling fog or increasing visibility through the fog at the time of traveling.

In the fog, drivers are also seen driving in style, which can not be considered less than any major risk.

Although the whole of India is affected by fog , but its effect is more in North India. Life of a human is affected deadly to a large extent due to fog.

As per statistics, fog is also a major reason for the increase in the number of people who die in road accidents year after year. Fog is more prevalent in northern India from December to February.

Due to fog, visibility is reduced to the point of zero. At night or day, the flashlight of vehicles also appears like a chimney even in a close distance. This is the reason that due to dense fog, there is a rapid increase in road accidents, especially in the winter season.

According to the prevailing facts about fog, the amount of water vapor in the air becomes constant when the relative humidity is 100 percent. Condensation begins with the addition of extra water vapor or a further decrease in temperature.

In this way droplets of condensed microscopic water of water vapor collect and spread as fog.

The hundredth part of a small drop of water is also called condensation nuclei or cloud seed. All the polluting elements along with the dusty soil are collected on the surface of the cloud seed, that produces fog. According to scientists, if the number of these fine particles in the atmosphere avails highly, the relative humidity starts to decrease even though the humidity is less than 100 percent.

A cloud-like swarm of condensed water vapor in the form of drops has been termed as fog. In the fog spectrum, it rises above the surface of the land. Objects around us are seen very rarely in the fog, and somewhere visibility becomes zero.

In Delhi, the political capital of the country, from the month of December to February, the means of transport either start or reach always late. The prime reason for this is the fog. Due to fog, even the movement of road and rail route turns as if a snail walk.

The movement of aircraft also is affected by this killer fog. If the air route is not visible due to the fog of the air route, then where will the pilot land his aircraft?

Many times, due to poor visibility, either airplanes or choppers hang in the air for hours or are forced to land at some other airports nearby.

Pollution is also creating a fertile environment for the fog to increase.

Statistics show that in the 1980s, the average fog time in the country was half an hour, which increased to one hour in 1995 and then it increased 2 to 4 hours. Experts believe that after the sixties, the time of dense fog increased by about twenty to twenty-five times.

Delay of trains due to fog is not new. Due to unclear signals to the train driver, the trains are also forced to crawl like ants.

In North India, firecrackers are tied on the track for driving in fog, which explodes only when the engine of the rail is under load. The number of firecrackers acts as a signal to the rail driver.

Fog is most prevalent in North India especially in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Bihar.

On one hand, in a city like Delhi, pollution helps increase fog, on the other hand, in the open areas, the irrigation in the winter season paves the way for the fog to thrive.

Ironically, even in the twenty-first century, India has not been able to make any concrete action plan to deal with fog. It is experienced by all of us that the appropriate authorities of our government only show their seriousness for a half or one month in a year. Whereas the reality that bites the common men that due to fog, 4% of the accidental deaths have been increasing every year due to poor visibility.

Now the need of the hour is that special lamps should be developed to increase visibility in the fog. However, currently, such lights come in the category of Fog- lamps.

This kind of lamps or lights seem to increase visibility to some extent, but still, we lack the bare need of an immense improvement in technology to discover such lamps and lights to stop these fog ridden road accidents not only in India but also across the globe.



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