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The Iron Man of India : Sardar Patel

Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel who Popularly known as Sardar(Sardar is a Hindi Term that means a Born Leader) Patel  was one of the Prominent Freedom Fighter of India.

–By Anjan Kumar Samal

Many Indian also believe him as the Iron Man of India due to his strong Mindset and decision for the unity and integrity of India during his period as Country’s 1st ever Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of India.

 The Iron Man got born on 31st October 1875 and led the Freedom Movement on the Footsteps of Mahtama Gandhi.

His valuable and watchful contribution that People of India has been experienced during the Quit India Movement.

India after independence Central Leadership of India decided to keep the Man in Charge of Ministry of Home along with the position of Deputy Prime Minister of India.

After independence his strong decision led warning to many Princely States to be united with the Union of India.

Being the 1st Home Minister of India , Sardar Patel ordered by circulating ultimatum to many Kings of the then period  made him alive even today for which Young India today remember him and his legacy as the Iron Man of India.


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