The peon father of Maktampura,Karnataka paid 45 school girls’ fees after death of her own daughter.

The fact that proved again that only a Poor can understand the inner pain of another Poor.

Something extraordinary happened in the state of Karnataka which is being discussed all over the world.Some people help others as charity and become the God for them. But a father did something extraordinary for which he is being praised everywhere.

Mr.Basavaraj of MPHS Govt High School, a village in Karnataka, solefully paid 45 school girls’ fees for poor girls. For which he became a man of appreciation and turned as the talk of the entire world. He did this in memory of his daughter who has died recently.

Basavraj said: ‘from this year, I will pay the fees for poor girls who study in the school where my daughter was studing.’

Mr.Basavraj is not a very rich one as he is a clerk at MPHS Govt High School in Kalaburagi’s Maktampura of Karnataka.

Basavaraj lives in Calaburgi town of Karnataka. Her daughter was killed due to illness in the recent past. After that Basavraj thought of doing some noble work in the name of her lovingly daughter,he paid fees for 45 poor girls studing in the same school.This noble thought rurns blessings for many poor girls.The girls of MPHS Government High School are also very happy.

A girl named Fatima of this school said, “We are from a poor families. We are also unable to pay the school fees in time. Basavraj Sir did this good work in memory of her lovely daughter. May God give peace to his daughter’s soul. “

At first ANI(A News Agency) shared the story of Basavaraj on Twitter From where it is being circulated all over on every social media across the globe and People are praising Basavraj very much.

A social media user wrote: “Can a rich person do this? Only poor people can understand the problems of a poor. The capitalists only spend money on themselves lavishly only for their vested interest which is absolutely only the wastage of money.

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