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The Prime Minister should listen to the ‘Maan Ki Baat’ of the farmers

New Delhi: The Indian Youth Congress has strongly condemned the Modi government of the Center for adopting an anti-farmer attitude towards the farmers. Youth Congress has demanded from the Central government to immediately withdraw the agricultural laws in the interest of farmers and apologize to them.

National President of the Indian Youth Congress Shri Srinivas BV has said that the food provider of the country is staging a protest at the borders of National Capital demanding the withdrawal of agricultural laws but PM Modi is silent. He said that there are reports of continuous martyrdom of farmers due to severe cold, many farmers have committed suicide because of this arrogant attitude of the government, but PM Modi remains insensitive towards this and is busy benefiting his capitalist friends. He said that PM Modi has cheated the farmers by showing them a dream of good days, but now today the farmers are demanding their back old days. He said that the Modi government has laid the foundation of lies and deception. PM Modi had promised to provide farmers, double the income by 2022, but all proved to be inconsistent. He said that the youth of India is with the farmers. Srinivas BV said that the families of the farmers who were martyred in the farmers’ movement should be given appropriate compensation immediately by the central government. He also said that PM Modi should listen to the ‘Maan Ki Baat’ of the farmers.

National In-charge of IYC and AICC Jt. Secretary Shri Krishna Allavaru said that Youth Congress has been with the farmers since day one. To support their struggle, they are serving the farmers. He said that
the BJP and Modi government are responsible for the deaths of the farmers. In the thick fog and cold, the farmers are constantly pleading for rights and justice, but the ruling people remain heartless. He said that the soul of the country resides in the village, but the Modi government is treating the Annadata as the stepmother. He said that the Modi government has lost its moral right to remain in power.

Rahul Rao, the National Media In-charge of the Youth Congress, said that before coming to power, the Modi government and BJP leaders used to make noise to implement the recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission but after coming to power there is silence. He said that the whole country is watching the misbehavior being done by the Modi government with the Annadata and the farmers will respond when the time comes. He said that the government should immediately apologize to the farmers and accept all their demands.

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