The religion of bloodshed

“My Son has not sacrificed his life for Mother India, he was shot by security personnel for his unholy act against our Nation. Therefore Neither I shall take back his dead body for cremation nor I shall even RIP”, urged by an innocent father with a drop of tear when J&K (Jammu & Kashmir) Police approach the dreaded terrorist Mohammed Taufeeq’s father Mohammed Razak.

Mohammad Razak, a technician works in Atomic Energy’s Heavy water plant atManugur in the state of Telengana. Alike other fathers, he had also dreamed of his son as an engineer or doctor. He also spent as per his capability to educate his son Taufeeq but unfortunately without any knowledge of him Mohammad Taufeeq was rushing towards the path of blood and violence (Terrorism) unprecedentedly with ruining his father’s dream of being a good human being and do or die for the nation.

It is really painful that our youth today even after being educated also are joining their hands with the hell of terrorism either by brain washing or for the sake of huge money in the name of mere a Fake Jihad.

Mohammad Tauffeq Ahmed(as per J&K Police file) was shot dead in an encounterabout which his father and other family members only got to know  fromTelevision Channels and News Papers.

In fact Tafeeq along with 2 other drop out Engineering Student were involved in ISIS sponsored terror out fit in the valley. After the conformed  intelligence inputs all three were encountered and shot dead  by J&K Security personnel in Kashmir’s Anantnag District in last week.

This 26 year Young man was reported missing since a year as per Telengana Police report.

Surprisingly Mohammad Razak put an extraordinary example of patriotism despite our Govt.’s radical mindset to term every Muslim in India is an anti national and also proved the incredible India‘s all time hit quote,” Mother and Motherland is Precious than the Heaven”

I even salute this Patriot Indian for encouraging me to do or die for the Nation.

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