Mr. Yeddyurappa turned 2nd Shortest Chief Minister after Shree Jagadambika Pal.

Yeddyurappa delivered an emotional address to the Karnataka Assembly where he admitted that he does not have the numbers.

The designated Chief Minister of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) in the state of Karnataka did step down beforehand the test of trust on the floor of Karnataka State Assembly. He relinquished  an emotional inscribe in the Assembly house of Karnataka where he turned bound to agree upon on the facts of having no absolute numbers to form the government.

Most words of his address were related to farmers and agriculture as thousands of farmers have been committed  suicide which many political analysts believe as mere a ‘Crocodile Tears’  The debt ridden condition and suicidal mindsets of farmers in India is absolutely for the wrong policy of BJP laid Union Government in India. State government has the responsibility but it alone  can not wave all the distress of farmers .

During his emotional address he even alleged the Congress party and JDS as the ‘Opportunist’.

Sorrowfully , Mr. BS Yeddyurappa endured as the Chief Minister of the Karnataka State only for 2 days and despite many of BJP’s effort , he couldn’t able to win the required trust 113 Numbers to form the much hyped BJP government in the state.

The Indian National Congress which earlier had basted a trick of Post-poll alliance with JDS(Janta Dal Secular) had claimed to form the Government but the the honorable Governor of Karnataka sidelined them and went with BJP, as the single Largest Party.

In the recent past the National President of BJP , Mr Amit Shah had urged,” “This is the 15th election (since 2014). BJP has already won 14 elections. This is the 15th consecutive election that BJP is going to win”.

Along with National President of the party , Mr Prime Minister also was expecting positive in the formation of State Government in the state of Karnataka and had  said,” “This election has affected me deeply. The people of Karnataka gave me so much affection. Their enthusiasm gives one new energy… I want to assure the people of Karnataka that our party will work for their progress.”

Interestingly after the said resignation of BJP’s designated Chief Minister before trust vote, the National  President of INC , Mr Rahul Gandhi tweeted ,” In the end, India’s voice and democratic spirit will always triumph over tyranny.” ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

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