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The Smallest country in the world

The Smallest country in the world with a population of just 1000 is the Vatican City in Italy.
||Sahil Sansanwal

There are so many interesting places across the world, which most people do not know about. Knowing about these places or hearing about these, you must term it as wonder .This about the smallest nation of this world, I .e.- ’Vatican City’. 



World’s Smallest Country – Vatican City

Vatican City is the smallest and completely independent country in the world. It became a sovereign country on the day of 7 June 1929. It is a country in the city of Rome, Italy. The mother tongue here is ‘Latin’. The population here is less than one thousand. Vatican City has its currency which is also valid in Italy. The Vatican also has its army. 


The country is even smaller than your neighborhood

Vatican City is smaller than your village or neighborhood. Its area is 0.44 square kilometers or 440 square meters. Despite being the smallest country in the world, the Vatican also provides passport facilities to its citizens. 



How is the governance ?

The system of governance in the Vatican city is the monarchy. The Pope is the king here who has the power of the judiciary, executive and legislature. The Pope appoints the Vatican city’s president every five years. The president is usually the cardinal of the Catholic Church.

Vatican City has its radio station, postage stamp, and railway station. The radio station is located inside the tower of the Vatican Gardens and the station broadcasts in about 20 languages ​​worldwide. The Vatican City railway station was built in 1930. It is used by more tourists than Vatican citizens.



 The population

According to the census conducted in the year 2017, the population here was 1000. Knowing about the Vatican city, if your heart also starts tickling to roam here, but if you also think of settling here, then give up this idea from your mind because special permission needs to be taken to settle here.

(The Writer is a Law Student at NLU-Shimla)


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