The stiletto among flats

Neha Tyagi DAMSAI Mrs. India – She is India – Charity Queen title holder is the rare combination of beauty with brains. She thanks her supporters for winning the coveted beauty pageant. Dr. Neha wants to be the best whether it is in her professional career as a Doctor or whether it is her passion as a model.


Skin care regime– Drink right amount of water,proper sleep without make up plus twice Cleanse,Tone and Moisturise(CTM).

Hair styling tip– keeping your tresses sleek but not flat is a difficult task..try doing that by just curling the ends and sweeping the locks over one shoulder.

First Infatuation– when I was in class two probably..but crushes do crash in no time.

“You” in one word -Unpretentious. My face is the mirror of my whatever is going on inside me will reflect on my face.

Your fitness mantra– Fit is not a destination it’s a way of life.

Favourite body part exercise -Crunches for abs

Favourite fragrance -Burberry Body

Aerobics or power lifting -Aerobics

Favourite Meal -Nothing can beat a Healthy Indian meal!!

Fashion tip for female readers – Always embrace your shape..once u know which silhouettes will flatter u, filter trends ruthlessly!!

One thing you can’t live without -My wallet n cell phone

The biggest “pinch me” moment -When I saw my son for the first time..that day I felt miracles do happen and I felt omg “I am the creator of this beautiful thing”

Favourite song -Chasing cars by Snow patrol

Most precious thing in your wardrobe -My Gown and saree collection!!

Favourite Shopping place -Dubai Biggest shopping mistake you’ve ever made- none till now!!!

One style tip that you’d like to give youngsters -workout, eat well, Be patient!! Ur body will reward u!!!

The last thing you googled -My own name… hehehe… just to keep a check on my progress.

One thing you always travel with– My credit and debit cards

The one thing that not many people know about you -That I follow All or none phenomenon..I have very strong likes and dislikes..

Best thing about having a big social media following -Gives u a sense of satisfaction and ego boost that u are a role model for so many people..

What motivates you -A tag line by my guru “stop wishing..start doing “

Is there any in person motivator or mentors -Rita Gangwani Mam… my coach, my mentor and my home away from home..whatever I am today is because of her.

Ultimate dream -To shine like a star and give my 100% to my noble job in treating the patients and to make a shelter home for dogs!!

Where do you look yourself in Industry -To be known as one of the best and renowned person in whatever field I pursue..Be it Medicine or my passion that is modelling!!!

How did you felt when you won the title -Charity Queen Mrs. India She is India 2018 happened to me because of my supporters… The first thing was how to thank all of them!! And it’s just because of their faith I won this!! So Gratitude is the best attitude I believe!!!

Mantra for success – priorities your priorities because only then u will be able to prove your worth and be the stiletto in a room full of flats!!! And as a result u will strike a balance in every aspect of life!!!

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