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The story of short films ‘Pattern’ and ‘The Turban’ raises sensitive issues

Two short films were presented to the media in the PVR Director’s Cut recently. Actually, the purpose of this special show was to get feedback from the media about it by showing the film at the red carpet premiere. The first of these was ‘Pattern’, produced by Sandeep Kapoor and directed by Sachin Karande. ‘Pattern’ is the story of a boy who is bullied in school by children, but he forces the bullied children with his courage, hard work and mind to treat him like normal children.

At the same time, the second film ‘The Turban’ is based on the riots in East Delhi in 2020 when the CAA and NRC protests turned violent. Produced by Sandeep Kapoor and directed by Ravindra Siwach, the film explores the mindless violence of a frenzied mob. It has been shown in this film that how an innocent child is killed by terrorist rioters, but when the rioters come to know about his reality, they are also stunned.

‘Pattern’ touches on a very sensitive issue of teenage life. Producer Sandeep Kapoor and Director Sachin Karande have dealt with this sensitive subject in a very responsible manner. In both the films, Kartikeya Goel in the lead role has transcended his age and played his characters in a very positive way. He is involved in both the roles. Seeing him on screen, it is not known that this is his first film.

Producer Sandeep Kapoor, who has made films like ‘Jugaad’, ‘Anarkali Aara Wali’ and ‘Bhosale’, said that we are trying to release these films on theater and OTT platform, but before that we will send these films to the festival.

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