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The tool that can prevent children from watching dangerous content in YouTube

Global cyber security company Kaspersky has launched a new tracking feature to protect kids from watching dangerous videos while visiting the popular YouTube video sharing site in its parental control application. The ‘Secure search in YouTube’ feature when disabled blocks search results from videos containing unsuitable content, such as those with marijuana, profanity or pornographic material.

According to a statement by Kasperky, at least 14 per cent of parents said their children were exposed to content that encouraged them to take violent or inappropriate actions. Parents therefore need a trusted assistant to stop their children from accessing adult content, without taking up time or manual effort, the firm said.

“With the new Kaspersky Safe Kids app for YouTube, parents can be confident that children can access videos easily without straying into adult content,” said Elena Kadochnikova, Kaspersky’s Brand Marketing Director, in a statement. The app is critical for parents who know what type of material their children are watching and what details they are receiving. While YouTube allows parents to protect their children against mature content through the restricted mode, they still recognize that the filters may not be 100% accurate.

YouTube’s Safe Search feature notifies parents of inappropriate search results, so that they can see what their children were looking for. Additionally, the feature allows parents to ensure that their children stay protected by giving them access to a list of videos or topics that the company claimed were searched for on YouTube.

If a child searches for any of the prohibited categories, the search results will be blocked wen the feature is enabled on a device, or in the YouTube app. Restricted categories include adult content, alcohol, drugs, profanity and tobacco, as well as racist or harmful content, they informed.

By Varsha Sahoo

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