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The Unprecedented rain of Cash(Currency Notes) on the road of Kolkata Beyond your Imagination

A building in Kolkata suddenly kicked off raining notes. People were surprised to see this rain of notes from the building. According to the information, when the notes were thrown from the window of the upper floor, the officials of the Income Tax Department were approaching a Business house inside this building to raid.

|| Anjan Kumar Samal
Notes rained from a building in Kolkata
People were surprised to see the rain of notes
DRI officers were going to raid this building at this time

This is the reason for which many intellectuals in this country believe that India is, in fact, a combination of two different kinds of India. One is Urban India with high profile capitalist and another is rural India that comprises poor and downtrodden.

At the One hand, the Urban India’s capitalists have such an excessive amount of wealth that they don’t hesitate to throw lakhs of rupees in the fear of Income Tax Department and ED, On the other hand, poor in rural India even not able to dream a 100 Rupee Note.

And this economic injustice and inequality is absolutely a fact of Ground Zero everywhere across rural India.

Now…Let’s return to this fact of rain of Bundles of Notes from a Building in Kolkata where dozens of Business houses have their Corporate and Business offices.

 Shower of Bundles of Notes

You may have seen this picture of money flying in the air in various Bollywood movies, but this picture of money flying in the air is real were 2000, 500 and 100 rupee notes were flying in the air. People who present there surprisingly could n’t understand what to do in this unprecedented situation.

Many workers in this building didn’t want to leave this opportunity of getting so much money without any hard work and they started to collect as much as possible. Bundles of 2000, 500 and 100 rupee notes were falling from the sky through a tainted glass window from the upper floor of this building in the city joy.

Some bundles of notes were stuck on the window of the building, then an unidentified one started lowering those bundles down the from the window with the help of an iron pole.

These shocking pictures hail from Kolkata. Here, DRI( Directorate of Revenue Intelligence) officials had reached and were approaching a Private Limited Company’s business house who is involved with the business of Export-import.

It’s obvious that amid the raid of DRI, this company’s office tried to get rid of the investigation into the matter of miss appropriation of company funds or to get rid of any kind of economic offense caused by the company. For which officials threw bundles of Indian Currency notes to eliminate the pieces of evidence against this company.

Still now, now such detailed information received from any source but TAC(The Asian Chronicle) in its little R & D found some information regarding the details of this company.

DRI was going for a raid to Room No 601 which is situated on the upper floor of this building. The name of the company is ‘HOQUE MERCANTILE PRIVATE LIMITED’ having the CIN -‘ U28200WB2015PTC20811′ . The company was registered under the authority of’ ROC-Kolkata’ under the category of Company Limited by Shares.

The official Directors of the company are ‘MOHAMMAD ENAMUL HAQUE’, ‘RASHEDA BIBI’, and ‘ABDUL HANNAN.’

DRI, yet to reveal the details about this matter of either financial fraud or misappropriation of the fund or any kind of economic offense and it will be revealed soon.

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