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Top 10 Reasons why you must write a book

Top 10 Reasons why you must write a book’ demystifies and simplifies the difficult task of book writing & publishing. This book is for all those who want to assert their authority/credibility, become the go-to guy/girl in their niche, capture a large audience base, dominate in their field and establish their empire. It shows everyone how to unleash the writer in them and then leverage the power of that book to build income & impact.

The author of this book Dinesh Verma is the creator of the insta-book-influencer format of writing a high-impact book in minimum words and time. He is a well-known book strategist and award-winning author, and publisher. He has been the brain behind several books written, acknowledged and awarded on national and international platforms by Manufacturers, Business owners, Consultants, Public Speakers, Coaches and Top-Level Executives. His company Pendown Press publishes books that create maximum impact with minimum effort from authors. His passion is to help people take their message and business global and magnify their impact and influence massively.

This book removes all the hurdles, plugs all the gaps, and solves all the problems that typically exist between the top echelons of society and book publishing. This book is like a panacea for all those who have a strong urge to publish a book, but its actualization eludes them for one reason or another. It eliminates all the barriers between a published book and aspiring authors.

Moreover, the book also busts the common myths associated with book publishing, such as I am a business owner and not a writer, I do not know how to write a book, I am under or overage to write a book, I am too busy to write a book and all other such excuses under the sun.

The book writing bonuses, the powerful benefits of writing a book that most business owners don’t know, and the insta-book-influencer are but a few of the irresistible pearls embedded in this sea of information and practical wisdom.

The book is a marvel in the precise number of pages (minus any unnecessary baggage of pages), and the icing on the cake is the effective proprietary tools and techniques shared.

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