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A new trend of an unprecedented strange atmosphere turned the identity of New India.

|| Karamveer Kamal

At present, particularly some words are being heard more than any others. ’BHAKT’, ’Article 370’,’Jammu & Kashmir’, ‘Radical Nationalism’,’ VIKASH’, ‘5trillion Economy’,’ Wiping Out Opposition’, ‘Booming Economy’, ‘Employment’ are certain new bunch of words those became talk of the nation. The Present government at center and BJP are absolutely claiming that the country is progressing which has not been in the last 70 years of our independence. It is being spread like a jungle fire that the nation’s economy is touching a new height such as a sky of glory.

But at this moment the only and only issue that dominates the mainstream media of the Nation and that is non-other than ‘Jammu Kashmir’. On the present situation of Jammu and Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370, the Union government claims that everything is going well and everywhere in the state is the situation of normalcy. When the media houses of rest of the world are claiming just it’s contrary.

The truth of Kashmir along with the facts on ground zero is being hidden under the lense of patriotism. Is this the reason for which we should not believe in foreign media?

But we should not forget that the truth always remains true. Even if the condition in the rest of the states of the country is bad but the entire nation is just running behind the state of Jammu and Kashmir forgetting all in the name of development of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The Governor of Jammu and Kashmir himself claims of development by promising 50000 jobs in 3 months for the youths of Kashmir.

While the ground reality that bites that Kashmir has turned into an open prison. The freedom of the people is on stake. There is no loud and clear reply that when and how the conditions will be normal there.

As per the present scenario of Economic growth, the GDP of our nation is not in that position that the Modi Government really expects. The Economic growth of our nation is just contrary to the expectation of Modi-nomics. Statistics reflect that the growth rate of GDP now is the lowest in the last six years.

The first quarter of 2019-20 of the Indian economy is absolutely disappointing. The growth rate in this quarter of this financial year has come down to 5% as compared to 8% in the last financial year.

The scarcity of employment is not diminishing but increasing at a new height. Auto Mobile Sector is going through its worst phase. Even after getting the support relief package from the union government, our banking sector has been given more government support this year. This is happening for the first time in the last 70 years of Independence when the independent institutes have appealed to the government for help by advertising in newspapers.

Astonishingly the negative impact of amidst this economic recession and chaos has also reflected in the field of education as CBSE has increased record-breaking examination fees by 200 percent.

In such a situation, the facts of ground zero and reports those are shown in the Television channels absolutely create a state of confusion. con if you talk about confusion, then there is a difference between news channel news and ground reality. At one hand the news channels make us realize a good feeling, on the other hand, the reality disappoints us.

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