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UAE’s “Hope”: From Oil business to Space blast

2020 is surrounded by different bad news but the good news is coming from the highest technological field, which is especially known as space and research organization. This time it’s the UAE who launched its latest mission to Mars. UAE has created history on being the first Arab nation to achieve this target. UAE’s space and research organization are also among one of the youngest space organizations of the world and by achieving this task the moral of the world with the nation itself is on upper limits. The “Hope” mission was launched from  Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center at 1:58 a.m. UAE time/6:58 a.m, Japanese time( Monday, 2158 GMT Sunday).

By doing so, UAE joined the group of nations achieving this dream and by this, the upcoming missions may obtain some enthusiasm and support to the USA and China, both the powerful countries are launching their mars mission by the end of this July.

The $200 million mars project’s launching happed with success now, it is the time to see the collected data, the satellite will provide after reaching on mars orbit which is officially expected on February of 2021. On the first attempt, The UAE is on boost, and the senior space officials made a verdict that “one of the hard work is successful but it is only the beginning, by our determination and rigorous practice many more miracles have to come”.

UAE is receiving praise and congratulations from different countries and NASA has tweeted and praised UAE for the complete success of this mission.

However, the UAE claims to become one of the fastest-growing space organization within some years. Further, UAE already scheduled the launching of the satellite through Japan’s H-IIA rocket on July 14th but due to poor weather conditions delayed in this mission.

It is expected that the satellite will reach the orbit of mars within February 2021 and will collect the data of the surface as well as the atmospheric conditions of the mars. The whole process will be completed when the earth comes at the nearer distance from mars to cut off some time. The satellite will remain on the orbit for a whole Martin year which is around 687 days. There is no planning of landing or any rover based activity.

Followed by this mission, China is launching Tianwen-1 to mars and NASA is going to blast a heavy research rover and helicopter at the surface of Mars by July 30th. The rover will collect the samples of the red planet’s soil and there will be a flying object for the first time in outer space to check the climate changes and atmospheric conditions of Mars in a detailed and clear manner.

In conclusion, the world is fighting from COVID-19 but it is a matter of great appreciation for UAE, still focused on their hardships and creating history. Emirates mars mission is UAE’s first interplanetary exploration and the arrival was designed to meet the nation’s 50th anniversary.

By Nayan Prakash

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