Uninterrupted delivery of Medical Essentials continues from Trivandrum Airport

The frontline warriors and the Trivandrum airport have been constantly doing their bit to contribute to the fight against Covid-19 by facilitating the seamless delivery of medical essentials.

Till 19th May 2021, almost 313 boxes of COVID-19 vaccines have been transported through various airlines through the Trivandrum airport. The Indian Air Force aircraft like C17, AN 32 was used to transport a total of 300 oxygen concentrators and 180 oxygen cylinders to overcome the oxygen crisis in the nation.

All the COVID19 related guidelines as instructed by the Central and state government is properly adhered to at the airport to ensure a safe journey for the passengers. There are constant requests made to the travellers’ stakeholders, visitors, employees etc. to follow the COVID19 norms and maintain staggered timing so that they can avoid crowding and maintain social distancing. The airport is also displaying the COVID instructions through several electronic and permanent displays at the terminals to spread awareness among people.

The Trivandrum airport has collaborated with the state government and organised the COVID19 vaccination camps for the AAI employees and stakeholders, considering all safety measures.  All the airports across the nation are trying and joining the battle against COVID19 to keep their nation safe. 

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