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Is there an economic slowdown in India?Why is demand decreasing in every sector?Did Modi know that he  can not win elections in the name of development?Does Modi refer to Pakistan and Balakot repeatedly because of this?

If the economic conditions were like this, how big is this challenge for the next government?

During this hectic Election schedule both for media houses and Politicians, India Today group has done a survey in regard to the claim of NAMO’s (Narendra Modi) advertised development of New India in past  5 years of BJP reign. The country wide survey done by India today includes 90 crores of voters across India.

In this regard ,India Today Group’s  Editor (Hindi) informed that in this survey it has been revealed that out of 90 crores of  Voters, 30 Crores of voters  have been troubled in their respective livelihoods due to economic recession in the past five years. In this survey astonishingly some unexpected matter of facts were unveiled like a textile maker turns as a painter for the sake of his sustainability.

Cases like , a true farmer bound to turn as a rickshaw puller finding no way out from his ruining livelihood is the stunning out come of this survey amid NAMO’s claim of prosperous India during his so called good governance. 

The people who have lost their way of livelihood due to wrong economic policy of the NAMO Government, whether shall vote to BJP or not is the Big question after this survey of India Today Group.

It is the reason for which BJP suddenly changed it’s political agenda from the platform of Development to the agenda of Nationalists and radical Hinduism. Prime Minister Narendra Modi therefore changed the gear to the BALAKOT STRIKE to get rid of his promises those he had committed on 2014 could  not be converted into the realization.

Consequently ,just before a week ,Current Finance Minister of this country also informed officially that Indian Economy during the Month of April-May has been descended.

As per many official information it has unearthed that initially  selling in real estates decreased ,than decreased the sell of Automobiles and now also selling of various FMGC commodities decreasing day by day.

Even the government itself found that the tax revenue of India has descended up to 11% lower than earlier.

But unfortunately despite all of these backdrops ,the present government  categorically has been informing people of India false and fake data of Economic Development.


(by Muskan Gupta)

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