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Update on COVID-19 in the National Capital: Delhi

The unfortunate death of a 68-year-old female from West Delhi who was a mother of a confirmed case of COVID 19, is confirmed to be transmitted due to co-morbidity (diabetes and hypertension).

|| Anjan KumarSamal

Earlier, she had also tested positive for COVID-19 which is now the global threat in the name of Coronavirus.

It is reported that the son of the deceased woman had a travel history to Switzerland and Italy between 5th to 22nd February 2020. Her son had come back to home on 23-02-2020.

He initially was under the symptom of asymptomatic, but later on, developed fever and cough after post one day and reported to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital as on 7th March 2020.

As per protocol, at this time of Global fear at large including the rapid growth of Corona affected patients in India, the family was screened when the appropriate authorities got informed and since he and his mother had fever and cough, and consequently both were admitted.

The deceased lady was a known case of diabetes and hypertension whose sample was collected on 8th March 2020. Her condition worsened on 9th March 2020 with the development of pneumonia and she was shifted to the intensive care unit immediately. Her sample also tested positive for COVID19.

Since 9th March 2020, she has been having respiratory fluctuations and was treated with ventilator support. However, due to comorbid conditions, she died on 13th March 2020 at RML Hospital, Delhi as confirmed by the treating Physician and Medical Superintendent of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in the National Capital.

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All the appropriate precautionary measures as per protocol under this Medical Emergency including screening, quarantine of the contacts are already taken up strictly with optimum precautions by the Ministry of Health, Government of Delhi and status is being monitored relentlessly.

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