Vaastu Shashtra – An Advanced Architecture Or Just Old School!

Vaastu Shashtra also said to be the ancient architecture of India is surely something that has provided basis for the western and modern architecture techniques but has the blade lost its shine or it is still something worth consideration! This post talks about each aspect and myths about this ancient wisdom.

Vastu is a word derived from the sanskrit word ‘VAAS’ which means “Place to Live”. Vastu Shashtra talks about how a residential or commercial place should be built and also lived in. It is based on the principles of “Panch Mahabhut” or 5 Elements of nature i.e Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Sky. As per Indian Vedas, everything in this whole universe is made up of combination of these 5 elements only and science also agrees on it.

All the big palaces, public places, architecture, monuments, parks etc in the ancient times were designed on the principles of Vaastu Shashtra. It was always believed that balance of 5 elements in a place brings prosperity and happiness.

The modern architecture however is more concerned about utilization of area and well we all agree how ‘unsatisfied’ life we are currently living. But the good news here is that many of the big builders are now understanding the importance of this ancient art. Science totally proves that a healthy body and a healthy mind needs these 5 elements.

Even the big corporate houses are adapting these ancient techniques to give a better environment to their employees and reports have seen major improvement in productivity and employee-satisfaction for such workplaces.

Well, this is we think enough to conclude that Vaastu Shashtra is absolutely factual and in use (though we may hear it with different terms). To know more about the subject and myths, we contacted Vishal Bhardwaj. Vishal Bhardwaj, founder of popular religious firm Predictions For Success ( is a data scientist turned certified Vastu expert.

Question – Being an engineer yourself, do you think Vaastu Shashtra is ‘logical’ and ‘scientific’ approach?

Answer – Absolutely, Vastu Shashtra talks about proper utilization of sunlight, water sources and other elements of nature. It even talked about UV and IR waves (with different terminology). Modern architecture still uses a lot of techniques from this vedic wisdom and we are still exploring and decoding it for Mega Structures we see around us.

Question- Is Vastu about how we build a place?
Answer – Vastu talks about both building the place and how to properly live there. From choosing a land to placement of water tanks, from entry gate to our sleeping position, Vaastu explains all in detail.

Question – What if a place is built wrong, is demolition the way?
Answer – No, this is a myth actually. There are some very easy remedies and corrections that can help without breaking the walls. However, it is better if the home is built complying to Vastu principles.

Question – Any expert tip for our readers?
Answer- A Clean home, with proper sunlight and good air is said to be the magnet of positivity. Moreover, plant green plants around your home to remove Vastu Dosha.

This is time to conclude this interesting concept, but if you have any questions or queries, feel free to write it in our comment section. For professional guidance, you can reach Vishal Bhardwaj at or +91-8375976007.

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