Valueshoppe creates a new market segment amid pandemic

On November 17th 2020, we completed a year fighting the pandemic, during which we have seen the downfall of many well known business models in almost all industries ultimately driving us towards the global economic slowdown. Amidst this slowdown, however, has emerged a market segment which connects a diverse and passionate community of sellers, buyers & businesses, fostering mutual growth, thereby ushering positive socio-economic changes.

A huge rise in the downsizing of more companies than ever has created a huge demand for liquidators, as liquidation is now seen as a strategy, rather than the last resort. This is not an unpleasant task anymore, as stakeholders are liquidating their excess inventory online, while sitting at home, ever since the revolutionary digitization of the process of liquidation.

The need to start Valueshoppe stemmed from witnessing an obvious hole in the market. It started with an honest intent to bridge the gap between buyer & seller, with which the surplus stock could be converted into extra cash. This revolutionary platform liquidates anything and everything, including, but not limited to apparel, electronics, appliances, footwears, general merchandise, health and beauty aids, housewares, impulse, kitchen, licensed goods, and so on.

Unlike most business concepts, this one has created a different segment in the market observing many factors, due to which a company liquidates its inventory, which could be excess, aged, surplus, or redundant in nature. Amid ups & downs in the market, the requirements of companies keep on changing, resulting in the need of liquidating the excess inventory, and sometimes, the need of adding more inventory. That is where Valueshoppe, India’s first & only digitised surplus liquidation platform comes into the picture.

Not only this business model creates a different market segment, but it also creates many jobs & business opportunities by selling the inventories at a very competitive price, with which buyers may start their own business, tackling the economic slowdown effectively. This business concept is ideologically compatible with PM Modi’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, aligning with the vision of making India a self-reliant powerhouse.

Valueshoppe creates a niche in this segment by offering a holistic solution relating to excess goods. The platform has developed a unique mechanism to free up space & resources and establish an ongoing liquidation. It gives customized solutions for liquidating the inventory that are designed especially to meet the inventory holder’s needs.

The irony in the current trade practices is that the information is not being floated adequately & thereby buyers have to wander & pay premiums on their purchases. As a measure to counter this problem, Valueshoppe aims to break this barrier of information and utilizes the simplest technical tools to create an interactive platform for buyers to quickly and conveniently get a reliable source for their supplies.

With its revolutionary platform, Valueshoppe has been touching lives as the ancillary benefits here are that the stakeholders can not only save on the cost of developing a robust distribution/ procurement system but are also able to increase their reach and base in the market by validating new suppliers and reaching to newer markets in no-time, completely rendering the traditional methods inefficient.

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