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Vijay Sokhi’s Peoplonomics is the perfect book to boost your career

Peoplonomics tries to break the myth that people are designations. It takes the complex organisational structure and breaks it down into just four characters. When you do this, you can see with absolute clarity with whom are you working and how working with them has a significant co-relation to the position that you are currently occupying. It will also reflect on how the future of your career will shape up.

The book, published by Locksley Hall Publishing, pitched by The Book Bakers, builds up on the concept of the four kind of people. As you start turning the pages it becomes more and more personal. Slowly, it starts gripping you and does not leave, until it compels you to re-align your career moves. It brings you to a moment of realization and then coerces you to take the leap of faith. It does not give up on anyone and believes that every working individual is a ‘Hero’.

Author Vijay Sokhi

Peoplonomics makes you people ready. It must be understood that, people with who you work can either make or break your career. Simple to say but full of intricacies. But with ease, Vijay Sokhi, takes this difficult subject and navigates the reader to a self-discovery path. When you know who you actually are, you will know why what is happening in your life has a pattern to it. Not only this, he also vehemently drives the attention of the reader to the fact that, the corporate circle to which the reader belongs has a strong influence to the stage at which his career is currently standing. If the goal that a person has decided for himself does not match with his current position, then he starts to get the understanding that it’s not just performance but also the people with who he is sharing the corporate space responsible for it. With this comes the urge of changing the circle, but is changing circles an easy task? To become the part of the higher circle that you have decided, the first pre-requisite is to be at par with their level, else very soon you will have to take an exit. This again raises another important question, isn’t it also important to know what one’s potential is and then strategize accordingly? Therefore, it is wiser to work to one’s potential and be the best in the segment rather than changing it. Periodically, the book keeps on asking such type of questions, which brings the reader closer to reality.

The four characters that the book brings to life have their own importance. The growth trajectory of an organisation completely depends on the type of people they have. While they can function with one or two type; they will only excel when a blend of the four is there.

The book is a recommended read for any working individual. The finesse with which, Vijay Sokhi, has bought to light this new perspective of human behavior and way in which he has related it to place of work is highly commendable. He has talked in detail about what one should look for to build their career, besides external structure such as infrastructure and compensation. This book will find relevance not only today, but for times to come.

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