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Violence erupts on sixth day of protests in USA

A series of protests began in USA after a video of George Floyd went viral wherein a white police officer was kneeling on his neck even after he said that he could not breathe and fell unconscious. The hash tag black lives matter was soon trending after this attack which is seen as an example of police brutality all over the world. The protests have taken an ugly turn in many states.

Many cities imposed a curfew which was ignored by citizens leading to violent clashes and stand offs between people and the police. In between demonstrations from the beach communities of California to the park right outside the White House, President Trump warned on Monday that he would order the military into American cities if officials did not get their streets under control. “We will end it now,” he said.

The marches in response to Mr. Floyd’s violent death have themselves ended in injury and death which is something that even the protesters do not want.

Featured Image Courtesy Times Magazine

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