New Delhi: This is the capital and it also looks that it is forbidden to come here in the sun . At the same time, the UVI (Ultra-Volatile Index) is quite high, while ozone pollution is also higher than the fixed standards. Due to all of these people are really afraid of more harm if the sun burns happen to them

Ozone pollution has reached more than 200 mgcm (microgram per cubic meter) in many places of Delhi. The highest amount of ozone is recorded from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  According to the expert, smoke and nitrogen oxide from the trains react with heat due to the sun’s heat and the ozone is formed. The nitrogen oxide from the industry is also increasing ozone.

The problem of ozone pollution is usually seen during the summer. But this time, stunningly it is also emerging after the monsoon. According to the CPCB report, the level of ozone is 12% in February, 19% in March, 52% in April and the highest of 77% in May. According to the DPC’s air quality stations, ozone is in the most dangerous level in eight areas of Delhi. Leaving the summer, the level of ozone is recorded at less than 20 MGCM.

UV index is also 9.1

The UV index is also running near the dangerous levelof 9.1. In such a situation, people should not get into sunlight. It will harm the health for them who regularly come out of their homes to the streets of Delhi for their livelihood. Apart from Sun Burn, Skin Disease, Skin Aging and Skin Cancer are some deadly trends might occur due to this situation of capital’s environment. Having more UVI (ultra-velat index), eyes also have a risk of significant damage. UVI 5.9 has been considered satisfactory and manageable. But 9 UVIs have been kept in very high risk category which  must put you in danger if you came out of your home .

In the study of the Health Effect Institute in 2017, it was claimed that due to increased ozone, the death rate among young generation in India has increased by 148%.

Many news headline recently on dangerous level of air pollution even claim Delhi as the ‘ASTHMA CAPITAL’ of India many other also term the capital as ‘LETHAL GAS CHAMBER’ of India.

(The Writer is Master in Philosophy-Chemistry)

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