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We the people of India, laid down an Incredible Specimen of Blended Brotherhood

The peaceful and prudent approach in which the country has espoused the Supreme Verdict of  the Supreme Court on the several-century-old Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute will be remembered as a MILESTONE for Hindu Muslim Brotherhood and reflects an image of a united India at every front.
|| Anjan Kumar Samal

Before the verdict came on Saturday, everyone’s breath stopped. The question was, what would be the decision, how different sections of society would react to it. Whenever a dispute is stretched to a great length, its complexity increases over time.

 In such a situation, the biggest challenge before this  Constitutional bench of the five  senior judges of the Supreme Court was how to remove this long-standing spike in the neck of the Indian secular society so that the multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-Cultural including the deep-rooted cultural heritage of Incredible India must get rid of any new wound in the name of communal disputes. 


It will be called the maturity of the Apex court that the constitutional Bench comprising of five judges unanimously put forward a decision that every party relates to this case will be satisfied with this balance judgment.

The biggest thing is that the bench took special care that no wrong proposition is confirmed by the verdict. Therefore, while giving the disputed land for the temple, the court made it clear that it is not appropriate to correct the mistakes of the past in the present.

The Constitutional Bench did confirm that the tampering of the disputed place of worship in 1934, 1949 and 1992 was illegal and not as per the law of this land. 


This was a clear message to those elements who could use this decision as a certificate for all their activities in the name of constructing the temple. The court’s order to give five acres of land to the Muslim side to build the mosque also states that even though its claim on the disputed land has not been accepted, its claim was not considered to be ignored by the court of law.

 However, the most important aspect of this whole episode is the reaction of the countrymen to this decision.

The peace, restraint, and understanding that Muslim society has shown, is highly spoken off. The Hindu side also refrained from showing pride this time, unlike many previous occasions.

The law and order agencies took all possible measures like keeping an eye on social media and setting up an Aman(Peace) Committee, etc., before making the decision. The zero incident of violating communal harmony, post to the hearing of this case proved India a more matured democratic nation than before and also does justify the all-time truthful saying, ’Unity in Diversity’.

 However, no such point of normalization after such a historic judgment is neither permanent nor long-lasting due to some negative thought and philosophy including people of highly radical mindsets still present in our nation.


More such examinations will come in front of us as if some Himalayan obstacles. It is to be hoped that in the light of this example of our own, we will also succeed in those examinations bypassing any such hurdles in the future course of time.

 It’s the time to make free all of us from any religious controversy by showing our strength of peace, prosperity, and brotherhood.

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