What do the Tarot Cards speak?

Tarot has been in existence for thousands of years. It has been used to see the unseen, a tool for predicting future and above all it is the best guide on how to achieve that we wish to achieve.
Sumi Ahuja | Tarot Cards Reader

Tarot is a kind of meditation. It insists on the unique capacity of every human being to reach Enlightment. It has the power to free the human mind from the illusions of ego, created by the mind itself. It stresses on the fact that this capacity can be realized only through meditation and not by following certain rituals. Only an alert and non- judgmental attentiveness to one’s own thoughts, actions and feelings can help achieve this enlightenment.

“What we think we Become”,  this is totally true. This world, it’s existence is just Energy. Energy in different forms. Life is Energy. The most powerful form of energy is our Thoughts. Thoughts have the capacity to change the people, the instances, the incidents.. one can say that Our Thoughts are the supreme power.

Tarot reading introduces new and positive aspects to our thoughts and hence to our being. Whatever we are today, our health, our relationship with people, our financial status, our mental health etc. etc., these all are the way they are because of our decisions and choices in the past.

Those who chose to eat healthy are fit today, those who chose to work hard n sensibly are flourishing today, those who chose to spread love have good relationships today. Our choices and actions in the past decided our present.

Tarot explains that we are the generator of our Future. That what we desire and dream for our future is entirely in our hands. The choices, the actions and the decisions we make today will depict our future. Tarot guides us spiritually to what do we need to do today to achieve the future we want.

We can say that Tarot does not predict the future but helps us to create a desired one.

Tarot deck comprises of 78 cards. Each card has a beautiful meaning and insight. The cards are divided into 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The 56 minor arcana cards are divided into four suits representing the four elements i.e. The Fire, The Clouds, The Water and The Rainbows. Each hold special meanings if drawn. These are the names of the cards as per Osho Zen Tarot. There are other tarot decks, which use different names but they all insist on the same philosophy.

As a Tarot card reader I have experienced that the images on the cards are alive. Their impact is undeniable,  for they speak in a language that our deeper selves recognize. They awaken understanding. They provoke clarity.

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