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What is the truth of the EVM ,those are being recovered all over the country?

Alike inseparable controversy, EVM and Controversy has been tied with each other.Just look at this  poor EVM, as it has been born since then there has been relentless controversy with it.

In the same sequence, after the results of exit polls of this time, the news of tampering with EVM is coming from across the country.. Opposition is blaming EVMs for tampering on the beshest of BJP. However, there has been a statement of election commission in between all these allegations.The commission in reply of such allegation said all the allegations are baseless. It has also been informed by the Election commission about resolving all the disputes. But in the last 24 hours,there is a country wide debate has been continuing including UP and Bihar. In many places, the dispute grew so much that more central armed forces  had to be summoned.

Accused of changing EVMs in Varanasi, Chandauli, Mau and Ghazipur districts of UP, the MHAGATHBANDHAN’s candidates turned even violent. They reached the Strong Room with supporters and started questioning appropriate authorities of EVMs. As well as, some workers of the Maha coalition,  sat on a protest.

Maha Calition candidate from Ghajipur, Afzal Ansari also had sat on a protest with supporters on Monday. He demanded that there are 5 Vidhan Sabha seats come under Ghajipur Lok sabha Constituency and authorities should allow 2 BSP Vollunteers for each Vidhan Sabha Constituency so that BJP cann;t create any disturbances.

After which the concerned administration accepted his suggestion and allowed 5 people from his party to stay at each Strong Room’s security. After getting permission, the matter got settled. In Ghazipur, there is a direct fight between Afzal Ansari and Union minister Manoj Sinha. This seat is also considered very high-profile in the 2019”s General Election.

On the other hand, in UP’s Chandauli, the coalition supporters also sat on a Protest. They alleged that some EVMs brought by the car and were kept in the General  room, while these EVMs were to be kept in the Strong Room.

On this allegations of the people, the administration said:” Bad EVMs are kept in a separate room. EVM votes to be counted are sealed in separate strong rooms. Videography of all EVMSs are going on. These EVMs can not be rigged There is a doubt in the minds of the people, so they are demonstrating dharna.”

There was an uproar over the safety of EVMs in Jhansi and Kannauj.

The Samajwadi Party leader in Kannauj alleged that the CCTV cameras in the Strong room were closed. That is why the EVM is likely to be tempered. The Election Commission responded to all the controversies on EVMs. The Election Commission described all kinds of allegations as baseless and mere doubts.



The Election Commission informed that the demands of the party leaders  have been settled.


(By  Karamveer Kamal & Anjan K Samal)








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