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Whatever I am today because of Hrithik: Tiger Shroff

Two superstars of Bollywood Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan starer the action-packed thriller the War released today as on October 2, 2019. There is no lack of action as well as romance keeping the audience to concentrate while watching the movie.

|| Bishunupriya Mishra

Tiger Shroff, who plays Khalid Khan during the film promotion, spoke to some reporters  regarding  making this film.

The Challenging Part of the film 

 Tiger Shroff claimed,” my two and a half minute entry scene in the film which was the longest introductory action sequence of Bollywood that was astonishingly shot in one shot. I had to prepare a lot for this scene. It was very difficult to maintain my energy in between and remember the action sequences as directed. While shooting, there were many dangerous moments that could have caused injury, so it was very challenging to shoot an action scene there.”

Hrithik is onscreen as well as offscreen guru

  In the future course of action, Tiger urged,” I have always been claiming that whatever I am today is because of Hrithik Roshan. I have taken a lot of inspiration from him. I can say that our relationship both onscreen and off-screen is absolute ‘Guru-Shishya’.”

Immense difficult to compete Hrithik

Tiger told further,” It was very difficult for me to compete with and match him with an impossible onscreen Hrithik. I will never be able to compete with him, but I tried a lot to match him in every action sequence. By the way, I have learned a lot from Hrithik, whether it is about acting or in real life. Hrithik’s work ethic affects me greatly and I have tried to adopt those things as the basic principles of an actor’s career. The way he molds himself in any scene, any dialogue, the way he takes care of every nuance of the film is a commendable compliment. His hunger for work, his greed is evident even after getting such success, he still to try to give him the best.”


Last But not the least, Mr Tiger says that I always wanted to play football for the country but at that time there was not so scope and I had many films offers too, so I thought why not step into Bollywood.

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