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Who is in Black :Government or public ?

Many congratulations to the people of Maharashtra. After all, a new government was formed in the state.

Karamvir Kamal(Editor-In-Chief)

At the same time, Congress and NCP chief Sharad Pawar also deserve many congratulations, who fought the fight for democracy till the end.

Uddhav Thackeray was sworn in as the 19th Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Uddhav Thackeray, the chief of Shiv Sena with 56 MLAs, has become the Chief Minister with the support of Nationalist Congress Party and Congress. Earlier, BJP’s Devendra Fadnavis and NCP rebel Ajit Pawar became the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of the state for just 80 hours.

Even after 70 years of independence, if the government is formed in the dark, then it can be said that the people of the country are not in the dark here.

Once upon a time , bandits used to come out in the dark of night. Or talk about it, there used to be era of  emperors. Even in the story books, the messiahs come out at night and see the problems of the common people and fight for them.

But here it is not about the old story or films, it is about the politics of the country. Such a politics, which has no longer any policy. Gaining power and ruling only has become the first and last motive of these political parties.

In the last few days, there has been a turning point in the politics of the country, when decisions are being taken overnight. Whether it is demonetization, or to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. Most of these decisions were taken overnight. These decisions surprised the public as soon as they woke up in the morning.

If we talk about the latest developments, the Government of Maharashtra is a living example of this. The election results in Maharashtra was completely opposite to what the BJP had expected. The election results were such that no party was in a position to form a government in the state of Maharashtra.

The results of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly came on 24 October. BJP got 105 seats, Shiv Sena 56 seats, NCP 54 seats and Congress 44 seats. Shiv Sena and BJP contested the elections together but after the result of the election both parties lost each other’s support.

But the issue was not to be left together, the real issue was to come together. The two parties met in such a way that the politics of the whole country was warmed up. No one believed that what could have happened.

After the election, the BJP became ready to form the government and then after that the Shiv Sena came to call the Governor.

But both parties were unable to form the government. According to the rule, President’s rule was imposed in the state. Along with Maharashtra, the people of the country were waiting for the new government of Maharashtra. Suddenly there was a political stir and news that the Congress is forming a government with the NCP and Shiv Sena.

Everything was happening so fast that the formation of Shiv -Sena led Maharashtra Government was stunning. There was speculation in the media about the formation of the government and both the news intensified. When Sharad Pawar’s meeting with the Prime Minister suddenly made headlines, the NCP clarified that the meeting with the Prime Minister was about the interest of farmers. But here, politics is being discussed, not farmers.

Meeting of leaders of Congress Party, NCP and Shiv Sena, was in the news. The Shiv Sena, which raised the flag of ‘Marathi manush’, was going to take over the position the chief minister for the first time. Then came the day of 23 November. This day surprised everyone as soon as they woke up. With the people of Maharashtra, it was set in the mind of the whole of India that the next Chief Minister of Maharashtra belongs to the Thackeray family.

But on the morning of 23 November, Congress had brought a bad news for NCP and Shiv Sena. Devendra Fadnavis was sworn in as Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Ajit Pawar as Deputy Chief Minister in the morning.

This incident not only surprised the people of Maharashtra but also some big leaders of our country including many political Pundits. Sharad Pawar, considered a master of sports in the political arena who was also found cheated by own blood,Ajit Pawar.

The BJP government was formed overnight in Maharashtra. The way the government was formed, the country saw a low level and greedy politics only to enjoy the power corridor.

The state was under President’s rule.

Suddenly, President’s rule was lifted in the dark in early morning, and Devendra Fadnavis was sworn in as the Chief Minister. The way this whole incident happened, it proves that this government was secretly created in the dark keeping the entire plebiscite of this country in darkness.

Apart from the BJP party, the office of the Prime Minister and President of the country and their powers were used by the BJP in forming the government. In this way, the government was strongly opposed by the Congress and others.

The way the government was formed in the dark shows how the BJP misused the government machinery. Here not only the government was formed in the dark, but the public also remained in the dark.

The people who voted for one party or coalition to form a government, the same parties form a government together with others, then it is like keeping the people of the country or the voters in the dark. The way the government is being formed in the country these days is quite unfortunate for our democratic ethos.

With this the mentality of political parties showing their greed for power and the way the BJP hijacked the constitutional posts like President and Prime Minister’s office to form a government is dangerous for a democratic country.

In this case, the question is whether Fadnavis did all this alone?

Believing this would be like running away from the truth.

Getting the Governor recommendation to remove President’s rule at night.Under special provision from the Prime Minister to get approval without  any meeting with the cabinet and on the morning of the President’s assent and then swearing.

All this work does not belong to Fadnavis alone. In this,

the BJP who is claiming itself an honest party, hanged the government machinery and the dignity of the Prime Minister and the President all for the greed of power. This entire incident stained an honest image of Devendra Fadnavis.



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