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Why is the Music of Life Getting Lost?

Life has no significance, unless the person living it chooses meaning for it. The value of human life increases only when you understand life, and you have a positive attitude towards life. Clearwater also said that every moment in your life you are re- born. Every moment can be a new beginning. This is a choice – your own choice. World history is full of many such examples. We just need to open the door of understanding. If you learn to live wisely, you can feel freshness, stress-free and happiness in every aspect of life. The stream of positivity towards life will automatically start flowing. The river of happiness will start flowing. Every moment of life will give a new perspective. You should recognize the secret of living life and by being sincerely self-helpful, fill every breath with a sense of meaning. Fill every particle with courage and by working patiently, fulfil every unfulfilled dream of yours.
|| Lalit Garg

Olga Ilyin has given a new turn to life by giving the gift of happiness. He has said that when you say to life very humbly and firmly, ‘I believe in you, do only what you feel is right.’ Life answers you in a supernatural way. Those who live a meaningful and useful life have always made their present joyful. Those who make good use of power have made the present strong, and the future brilliant. But the sad thing is that the one who misuses power and time can neither live happily in the present, nor can make his future bright.
A very valuable formula for success in life is – Ram in the mouth, work in the hand. Such a person will never let any bad thing come to his mind and will never leave his hands idle. Someone has rightly said – an empty mind is the devil’s workshop. The principle of karma is very simple. Whatever you do, you will get the same result. Its calculation is done in this birth itself. A person who does good work always remains light and blooming like a flower. We also believe that when a man unties the knots of attachment and hatred, and does not allow new knots to be tied, then he gets a chance to meet heaven on this earth itself. But doing so is not that simple. For this, it is necessary to make life fragrant with the fragrance of virtues. Whenever I go to a garden and the fragrance of flowers reaches me, I feel thrilled. I wonder, what is the relation of this fragrance with flowers? The answer is that it is the same relationship that qualities have with humans. Just as fragrance is the dignity of flowers, similarly virtue is the dignity of man. It is only because of his qualities that a man gets respect.

Virtue is related to the human being, since the time he stepped out of the era of barbarism and into the era of civilization. This relationship has become increasingly stronger and has now reached a stage when a person is identified only by his qualities. It can be said that a person who does not have qualities does not deserve to be called a human being. It is because of his qualities that a man is respected everywhere. Our ancient literature is full of such examples. History is witness to the fact that even kings used to bow their heads at the feet of saints seated on the throne of humanity and they used to receive the saint’s guidance. Its examples are found even in the present era. Gandhi, Vinoba, Acharya Tulsi, Acharya Mahapragya and many religious men are living examples of this kind. Such noble people are those who give utmost importance to values in life.
These qualities become worth worshipping, when there is coordination between thoughts and conduct in a person’s life. For this, one has to practice hard. In fact, following a path mechanically is not spiritual practice. The people who blindly run after money, power and enjoyment are not less, their race cannot be called spiritual practice. Sadhana is always done for the achievement of higher ideals. Mahavir had done sadhana, Buddha had done sadhana. He gave up the attachment to the kingdom, abandoned his family and rejected all the glory, and tried to achieve the ultimate goal, after achieving which nothing else remains to be achieved. In the modern era, Swami Vivekananda, Acharya Tulsi did the same, who became non-entity willingly, and continued to walk on the path of spiritual practice with unwavering devotion and strength till the last moment of his life. Even today, remembering these spiritual pioneers, one bows one’s head with reverence. Through his life he showed how values are established and how one’s life is shaped.
There is a mantra of Indian philosophy of life – ‘Simple life, high thoughts’. It sounds very simple, but its practice is very difficult. Most of the evils in life happen due to disregard of this mantra. Simplicity and honesty go hand- in- hand. One who has the quality of simplicity can never be an evil person and such a person remains away from worldly attachments. Indian culture is a mother lode of qualities. Here, we have always emphasized that man should remain pure in every way. Live a balanced life. Brighten up your life with penance and sadhana. Lord Mahavira has even said that through hard meditation the soul can become God. Virtuous people embrace the essence and leave the shadow. Only one who has no difference between his words and actions becomes worthy of respect in the society. Hence the Arsh Vachan is – ‘Gunaah Sarvatra Pujyante’Guna is worshiped everywhere. In today’s era, special attention is needed towards this statement. Today human values have declined and material values have become prevalent everywhere. This is the only reason why humans, society and nation have been affected by various types of deformities. Man’s favourite soulful music is breaking. He is cut off from himself, his own people and nature. He is losing his personal solitude and also his sociality.

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