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Why should you read Rich dad Poor dad?

Your first step to financial freedom
By Hannah Singh

Rich dad Poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki! This non-fiction book is inspired from the life of the author Robert Kiyosaki and the two dads in his life; one being his own father the designated poor dad and then his best friend’s father the rich dad, It talks about the ways in which both of them shaped his thoughts about money and investing. In this book Robert shares his knowledge and two very contrasting perspectives on money with us, and leaves it completely on us as to which one we decide to pick.

If you are someone who emphasizes on bookish education from school, college degrees and diplomas, paying taxes and bills on time like a law abiding citizen, and think that a high paying job will solve all your problems, Then I am sorry to tell you my friend you are exactly like Robert’s poor dad! Whereas on the other hand Robert’s rich dad was a High school dropout, with no degrees or expertise in anything. So how did he went onto become one of the richest men in Hawaii, This books tells you exactly that. The rich dad became rich not because he had more money than anyone else, but because he had more education, much more ‘financial’ education than anyone else, and he was willing to learn even more. The book only revolves around the fact that your mind is your biggest asset and if tagged along with the right amount of financial education and risk taking ability you can become as rich as you want, you don’t need to earn a high income to be able to do that.

The book is about 350 pages long with 9 chapters, The first 6 chapters of the book are essentially the practical side of Roberts learnings, as a whole it comprises of 6 major lessons he learnt, looking at both his dads. It comprises of income, cashflow, taxation, real estate, investments, assets and liabilities etc. The last 3 chapters is where the real stuff lies, now that through the first six chapters you know what to do, the last three chapters tell you how to do it, It focuses on what the rich dad was emphasizing on all along; the right use of your greatest asset, your mind.

It’s not a finance book as you may think it is, It’s a book of change, a massive change that the book can bring into your life, You won’t be the same person after those 350 pages. It is an incredibly inspiring book taken from the experiences of the author (who himself is a millionaire). None of my takeaways will fully justify what this book can do for you, the extremely effective presentation of financial concepts in the book may not be as simple as they seem, they are not a magic solution to become rich but it sure is one step closer. It’s not a book about finance it’s a book of intelligence and freedom. The kind you surely want in your life. Just pick up the book and you will see yourself coming back to it, applying its lessons on each step, preaching it to others, just like me right now. It’s not a book by a financial expert but by someone like us, who was just willing to learn and learn it right.

I am 20 years of age and I can already tell you that Robert has changed my life for the better, I feel rich just by reading the book. Just pick up the book and ‘try’ you will not regret it, as Robert rightly says; “Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.” So, go fail and eventually you will succeed!

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