Why Women should make themselves a priority now

Throughout life, every woman plays several roles: caregiver, homemaker, employee, daughter, daughter-in-law, girlfriend, companion, and a variety of others. Attitudes, values, emotions, and experiences rule each of them. The majority of these relations come with a series of unreasonable desires and demands, which can be a huge challenge to bear and meet. Women somewhere also lose sight of their individuality and desires when juggling all of these positions and attempting to be “great” in them and later start suffering from juggling various tasks and attempting to be “perfect.” 
|| Rinna Agarrwal

In our man-dominated society earlier women usually do not come out to speak out for fear of being punished and shamed for failing to meet social demands. The high pressures society imposes on women as a culture puts them under a lot of stress and is harmful to their health. This emphasizes the importance of taking care of themselves and being well.

Women somewhere or the other face toxic conditions, whether at work or home, multiple deadlines, and complaining coworkers are all causes of negativity and tension that sap the vitality. A woman at home is often thought to have everything free and easy, but this is not the case. They bear a great deal of guilt, they are responsible for others at home, and must reach a high level of expectation. When catering to the needs of so many people, it’s possible to forget your voice, which can be incredibly exhausting. It’s important that a woman now set aside days to pamper themselves and see to some of their personal needs. One can do this by doing something as basic as developing a night-time skincare regimen, enrolling in a class on a subject one like, or de-cluttering the house. One should also engage in activities that they love, such as reading or socializing with friends. When it comes to mental health and self-care, never feel bad. Every woman is also a citizen with legitimate needs. If you consistently disregard your health and well-being, you can only make life more difficult for yourself in the long term. You are an important part of your family and culture, and you should be treated as such. Allow yourself to relax and appreciate life while working to maintain your fitness.

Given that our society’s mentality still centers around a patriarchal society, and women always believe that they are here to serve, women have a propensity to put others first. This insignificant idea has had a profound impact on the lives of women all over the world. Equality is spoken about, but when it comes to putting it into practice, there is a lot of hesitancy. Women limit themselves from achieving their full potential by focusing on the positions they would play with others. This sometimes results in anger and a defiant spirit, as we see all around us.

Self-care is a way of life that can help you relieve fatigue, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Apart from fulfilling the most important needs, self-care will include a wide range of activities. It can include everything from finishing those long-overdue tasks to learning to say no, scheduling time for things you love, rewarding yourself for doing your best, granting yourself permission to be yourself, and – most importantly – allowing yourself to be you. It’s also important to understand that self-care is not selfish. An individual may not have the psychological or physical resources to care for others until they take care of their own needs. Self-care will significantly enhance our emotional and physical health.

Putting yourself first, though, does not imply that you are solely concerned about yourself. The definition includes an implicit statement that putting yourself first means you are anchored in the understanding that you are the first one who requires your care, and only if you are satisfied with that, can you support others. Women who adhere to this are much happier that no one can protect you better than you.

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