Why You Must Keep Challenging Yourself

Success doesn’t come from a mediocre space; the journey on the path of excellence is tough. All too often, people begin their pursuit of success with great enthusiasm, but the moment they hit a wall and encounter difficulties, they lose heart and quit.
|| Dr. Roopleen

That’s where the highly successful people differ. They know they’ll face numerous obstacles enroute the success journey. To push through them and stay the course, they work on empowering themselves by building internal strength.

One of the best ways to develop mental toughness is to regularly challenge yourself.

We all have infinite potential but most people are unaware of it, much less tap it to the full. There are broadly two reasons for this malady. One, we don’t believe in ourselves and two, we don’t stretch ourselves to the full. The solution to both lies in inculcating the habit of challenging yourself.

Only when you push yourself, you’ll know the power that lies deep within you. Challenging yourself to give more than you can and pushing yourself to perform at a higher level than you currently are, is the only way to bring out the your best in you.

Challenges make you step out of your comfort zone, expand your mind and sharpen your thinking skills. They throw you in unfamiliar territory, help you to overcome the fear of unknown and embrace uncertainty. Challenges are what make you a survivor and teach you how to thrive in less than perfect conditions.

Don’t try to overnight push yourself to take up mighty challenges; you’re sure to feel defeated, right at the outset. Training yourself slowly and making incremental changes is the way to go.

Begin with purging your mind of the limiting beliefs. Do away with the imaginary limits that you have set on yourself as to what you can or cannot do.

Nothing gets achieved without putting in the efforts; even your best plans can fail. Work consistently to get in control of your work and increase your productivity.

Start with small challenges—that don’t intimidate you but are good enough to push you to take a little more than you think you can. Once you succeed in overcoming the smaller challenges, take yourself to accept progressively bigger ones. This will boost your morale and strengthen your resolve to work harder.

The only way you can move forward in life and continue to grow is by constantly challenging yourself. Stretching yourself not only broadens your horizon, builds your confidence but also motivates you to raise the bar higher and get to the next level of success. So begin challenging yourself and you’ll be amazed what you’re capable of doing and how far you can go.

Dr. Roopleen is a motivational writer, life coach, blogger, super-specialist eye surgeon and author of 6 books. 
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