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Will the Modi wave sweep Haryana in this assembly election too?

Election Commission has declared the state assembly elections in Haryana. Results of the next coming in existence assembly will be out on October 24 just three days after the polling date October 21.

The tenure of the present Haryana Legislative expires on November 2, 2019.  In 2014, polling took place in a single phase on October 15 and results were announced on October 19. BJP got the power by getting 47 assembly seats, congress 15, INLD 19 and others 9 out of 90. Now the BJP is aiming to retain power and increase its tally from 47 to 75 in the 90-member House. Whereas congress, the main  opposition party, lost in 2014 after reigning the state for ten years,  is yet to come out of its own internal leg pulling doll drum.

The Bhartiya Janta Party in the state still hopes to ride on the back of Modi’s popularity and expects people to give the party  an overwhelming support on the issue of abrogation of Article 370 related to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

But, here arises the question, whether Modi’s Name and to pray on beads the ‘Raag Of Nationalism’ alone will make the BJP strong enough to sail its election pinnace successfully?

The present Chief Minister of BJP-led Haryana Government, Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar is very much confident about the win. While addressing a press conference in Chandigarh just before the declaration of elections in the state by Election Commission on September 21, he said, “The BJP is strong on all the 90 assembly seats in the state. We will cross the 75 plus seats in the state assembly, I am confident about it.”

But, at this time the political atmosphere in the state is differently changed. The main opposition party Indian National Lok Dal (INLD)  has smashed to grounds and a new rebellion party “Jan Nayak Janta Party (JJP)” has also emerged out of Devi Lal’s INLD, and  this bifurcation has feeble both the groups and now none of these seems to get some noticeable seats. So, the Jatvoters, the main base of INLD may shift to another Jat leader in congress, Mr. Bhupender Singh Hooda, giving him a major boost.

However the congress,  that had gone to zero level during the last five years under the   emaciated   leadership of imposed state president Ashok Tanwar,  now  has come out of ICU and  started breathing somewhat in a better way due to handing over of its reigns to Rajya Sabha member Kumari Seilja, a SC leader and former Chief Minister Bhupender Singh Hooda. In the Changed scenario and due to  feeble third or fourth fronts,  the congress seems to be the only alternate of BJP before the voters.

In the recently held Lok Sabha polls,  getting complete hold of the state by winning all  the 10 LokSabha seats,  the BJP using the name of ‘Modi’ and raising the Nationalism and other national issues had dashed the hope of opposition parties in the state. Encouraged with the Lok Sabha results, BJP may fight the state  assembly elections also to fulfill its  dream of  more than 75 seats out of 90  on the strength of Nationalism by  using the recent decision of scrapping of the special status of Jammu & Kashmir by  the BJP led  central government.

But,  this being  the Assembly election,  the issues may touch grounds and the local level  progress of BJP government and its failure to resolve the assembly level problems will also be the decisive factors. As evident from the clear cut decision of the Greater Faridabad Residents’ Association that had made it loud and clear at the outset that their vote would go only to that candidate who builds the Master Road for them. Angry over being forced to use a narrow road for seven years, despite having paid external development charges, a resolute ‘No road, No vote’ is their slogan for the  fourth coming assembly elections.

After failure of congress to  attract  the voters on the issues like Note-Bandi and GST against issues of  nationalism and lack of leadership with congress  raised by BJP during recent LokSabha elections,

now the Haryana state congress leadership has started  to highlight the local issues and hopes for favourable voting in the assembly polls.

While addressing a press conference on Wednesday,  Sept 18,  the  newly appointed Haryana Congress chief Selja said,  “The BJP leaders are using the scrapping of the special status of Jammu & Kashmir and National Register of Citizens (NRC) issue as a poll plank in Haryana to divert the attention from its failures”.

The CLP leader and Chairman State Congress  Election Management Committee,  the former chief minister of  Haryana, Mr. Bhupender Singh Hooda rejecting the BJP’s claim of winning more than 75 of the 90 assembly seats says,   “It does not matter whatever claims they make. But people have made up their mind to throw them out.  The issues in LokSabha polls and Vidhan Sabha polls are different. In the Vidhan Sabha election, people will cast their votes based on regional issues.”


But, Haryana Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar thinks the Nationalism as the deciding factor  and still wants to sail his election boat taking the support of the waves  flowing in the name of Modi and Nationalism.

“When a martyr’s mortal remains are brought back to his village, nobody asks about his caste… Nationalism will be the deciding factor in the coming assembly elections. It has thrown caste arithmetic out of the picture,” Khattar says in a press conference.

In an interview to PTI during his ongoing statewide Jan Ashirwad Yatra, Khattar said, “After abrogation of Article 370, the admiration of BJP and its leadership has further increased in Haryana and across the country.”

In  reply to a question, ‘Whether the abrogation of Article 370 will play a pivotal role in the upcoming polls’, in his media meet at Chandigarh on September 21,  Mr. Khattar cleared that  scrapping of Article 370 has always been on the core agenda of Bharatiya Janata Party.

However, Mr. Khattar also claims developmental and social welfare works to his credit and hopes a better crop of votes in the state assembly elections.

At Chandigarh press meet, Khattar claimed that 4,300 villages in the state are getting round-the-clock power supply and in the next six months, all the 6,600 villages will get 24-hour power supply.

He said his government would work for the upliftment of those families whose annual income is less than Rs. 1.8 lakh.

The decades long pending SYL issue had remained the talk of town in every election,  but no party had ever taken it seriously and all are luring by  the sweet dreams with no ends. Mr. Khattar has also assured to resolve the matter of SYL water sharing.

The political circles conclude that on the one hand BJP will try to take the ball to the goal point with the hit of ‘Modi’s Name and Nationalism Game’ and on the other hand the opposition will try to divert the path towards local level issues; now it’s in the hands of the voters of Haryana to which way they blow the winds.

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