Winter Décor ideas by Punam Kalra

Winter season, every year, brings with it an innate desire to create a warmer and cozier space for that perfect sense of comfort and recluse.The emphasis this winter is going to be on creating playful and familiar interiors that exude a strong sense of exclusivity and luxury.

A vibrant cozy chair with an elegant tufted coffee table, a wool macramé throw, and a modern feature floor lamp make for a cushy winter reading spot. Rich rugs on the floor, the bed, the Ottoman or the Chaisegive the décor a new depth creating pleasant unwinding and small familial gathering spaces. Soft throw pillows in faux fur, satin, silk or velvet paired with such rich upholstered furniture created for a sophisticated, chic ambiance.

Thick floor rugs and carpets can further be layered themselves to create eclectic looks, by overlaying warm, neutral-toned carpets with contrasting, feisty, idiosyncratic rugs in moody patterns. Deep toned carpets, geometric carpets with metal inlays, and innovative animal pattern inspired rugs highlight and add vibrancy to any room they occupy. Bright, heavy drapes installed over sheer summer curtains add volume and color to further uplift the most mundane spaces while keeping the cold away.

Mood lighting and lighting installations are integral to any winter decor. Chandeliers and statement pieces designed in semi-precious stones and trendy metals add a feeling of warm luxury to the room without it looking too ostentatious, creating a stunning experience. Adding a balanced dose of metallic sheen and eclectic mirrors to the interiors can add a hint of theatrics and amplify both, the natural and the artificial lighting, bringing in more warmth and sheen to the rooms.

Quirky, contemporary accessories such as candles, tealights, lanterns and fairy lights in different geometric shapes and materials like brass, steel, stone, ceramics, concrete, along with hearty seasonal fragrance dispensers can be used to create a spectacular sensory experience.

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