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With 80% female professionals, “Fernweh Agro” is dedicated to women Empowerment

We all talk about equality and equal opportunities but has the world reached that level of fairness yet? No! There are still many sections of societies that need to be empowered and uplifted. We all can contribute to their empowerment by supporting them and their work.

Fernweh Agro is one such brand that is working for the empowerment of women and small farmers. They understand that these two important sections of society still don’t get equal opportunities.

Fernweh Agro, a brand that promotes and sells Tea, Coffee, Organic Herbs & species, and Personal Care products comprises a talented team with 80% female professionals. They dedicated a product, Organic Rose Green Tea for the celebration of womanhood, to appreciate women who can fit in any role, to celebrate her dedication and perseverance in her professional and personal sphere.

They provide organic products and all their raw material is obtained from ethical sources, majorly small farmers. Not only that, but they use 100% natural and fibrous ways to manufacture and produce them. Their products are also free from any fake flavor, aroma, artificial ingredients, or preservatives.

Fernweh Agro was founded in 2018 by Dushyant Jharwal to bring organic and the best quality product from far away places and small farmers to the whole country. Fernweh is a German word for the passion to travel to faraway places.

The idea for Fernweh Agro was conceived in his mind when he was traveling to find answers to the questions for life and on his route, he met the small farmers of the hill. He decided to start a business solely dedicated to products grown in faraway places in small quantities but organically grown with utmost tenderness and care.

Started with just tea, Fernweh Agro now includes coffee, Organic Herbs & species, and Personal Care products

All their products are specially customized and crafted to bring out 100% of them. Fernweh Coffees were developed with a range of pure Indian Coffees with a careful blend of arabica & robusta beans. 50+ unique flavors of tea take the consumer on a musical journey to different parts of the world.

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