Women’s Empowerment

Education is like oxygen for both men and women. Many people think that women are sent to birth for just to cook and clean the house and give birth kid. Low mentality people treat like a machine of production of kid. Some of the girls are killed before birth in the womb and some are killed after birth too.
|| Silisti Karuriya

The fundamental problem of Indian society is difference between boys and girls. Lots of Indian gives importance to boys as compare to girls. Lots of family gives importance to girls but they bound her restrictions. They never allow for higher education. Lots of Indians think that investing in boy’s higher education would be an advantage rather than girls’ education because girls marry and go to another home. Lots of people think that permanent home of girls is her husband’s house not her parents’ home. After marriage girls for the clean the house and cook the food. Nobody thinks about the education of women. People invest money for her daughter but they are not investing money for higher educations.

I took inspiration from a middle-class family girl for writing my debut novel ‘ChamdeKaLutera’. I have seen many girls not following their dreams due to family restrictions. The reason behind writing my novel was to change the mentality of society so that I could help those girls for the respect that they truest deserve but don’t want to give respect. Because a family give rights to boy for do anything then why don’t they give same for girls.Several crimes beside women take place daily, Because of which women are not able to wander freely on the roads. Crimes like Rape, women trafficking, murders, abortion of a girl child are a shame for the country. Many rural areas like small villages, girls are not permitted to go to school for basic education. They are restricted at home to take care of the house and home work just like cook the food, clean the house. Also, gender judgement and male dominance are still common. On the other hand, there are various stages that the government is taking to help women’s education.

The government approved a most important bill. It was to make the abortion of the female child a criminal act. This helped a lot in growing the birth rate of the female child. Furthermore various movements like “BetiBachaoBetiPadhao” took place. To promote women’s empowerment. This additional changed the mind-set of the people. At the time of British rule, women were only destined to do household responsibilities and to take care of the child, but it was Mahatma JotiraoPhule, IshwarchandraVidyaSagar, Raja Ram Mohan Roy who insisted people to send girls for school to gain an education.These bold leader told people about the benefit of women’s education.

The writer is a PhD research scholar of Bioscience and Biotechnology from Banasthali University, Rajasthan.

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