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Work from home, a scary proposal? Not anymore

Working from home has made it possible for businesses and individuals to carry out their business activities during the lockdown period. Despite what many would believe, working from home takes time and consumes energy.
|| Rhythima Agrawal

Therefore, there are a lot of things that may go down on your priority list. Fitness is possibly one of the first to decrease. Although many people have made attempts to keep fit at home; the lack of a successful exercise program has somehow held them back from their fitness target. Without proper training expertise and a trainer or partner to inspire them, physical activity has taken a back seat in their lives.


Exercise has so many valuable benefits that it should still be part of your weekly routine. Of course, we all know that exercise will help you stay slender and fit. But, do you still know all the other wonderful outcomes of the exercise? Regular physical activity decreases stress and can help you sleep better-two factors that are particularly helpful for busy employees and business owners. Fitness helps keep you safe and has been related to reducing the risk of certain illnesses and avoiding depression. Researchers also agree that strength training will help to prevent osteoporosis. Exercise often boosts self-esteem, increases endurance and eventually allows you to be able to do continuous work for longer.


So no matter if your yoga class or gym is closed, all you need to stay fit during this lockdown time is a well-designed home workout schedule. You need a bodyweight workout plan designed to burn fat and boost your heart rate without the need for fitness equipment or yoga mats. Assign a set time to exercise in your everyday routine. This will boost your strength and health and increase your productivity at work.

Here are several activities that can be done comfortably at home.


1. Squats- Squats can help you develop stamina, muscle, and get your heart pumped out in no time. They work wonders for people who want to lose weight and build muscle at the same time. Stand erect, your hip-width legs apart, your toes slightly pointed out. Keep your hands upright in front of you and your chest. Slowly lower your bodies until your hamstrings meet your calves and go back up again. Do this exercise for three sets, each of 20-30 repetitions, to ensure that the shape is retained throughout.


2. Push-ups- Push-ups is one of the oldest and most popular strength-building exercises, and they are also very flexible. When performed correctly, the push-ups are highly productive for building strength and power.


Place your palms on the floor and stretch your legs back behind you with your hands shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower your chest to the ground by bending your elbows until you are about to hit the floor and push up to the original position. Do this for three sets and as many repetitions as you can.


3. Triceps Dip-This exercise will help you develop strength in your arms and burn any excess fat in your arms.


Start by putting your palms on the floor with your elbows bent, placing them slightly behind your hips. With your feet firmly placed on the ground, lift your hip from the floor to a few inches. Push the ground with your hands until your elbows are completely extended and go back to the previous position and repeat. Do this exercise for three sets of 10-15 reps each, and don’t let your butt hit the floor as you lower your weight.


4. Burpees– Burpees is one of the most vigorous full-body exercises to improve strength, endurance and agility. They are very effective in increasing the heart rate very rapidly to make fat burning easier.


Stand erect with your shoulder-width legs apart. Lower yourself to a squat position with your hands touching the floor. Quickly stretch your legs behind you, touch the floor with your chest, and keep your palms flat on the floor. Push your body up, go back to the squat position and make a slight leap. Try to perform at least two sets of 8-10 burpees before heading to the next exercise.


5. Plank- Planks are perfect for building core strength, increasing balance, and defining abdominal muscles.


Start in the push-up position, but place your forearms on the ground instead of your hands. Hold your back and neck neutral, tighten your stomach muscles and tighten your glutes. Keep your body straight and keep this position for as long as you can. Repeat this exercise thrice.


Start doing the exercise above, and see the changes for yourself. Try to be patient when doing it and make sure you have a healthy snack to re-energize after your workout.

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