WPIUN is the right choice for international level vocational education from home

Apart from traditional education, vocational and employable education has become such a need of the youth in today’s time, along with making it world-class, it has also become very important to make it easy and accessible.

Time and distance should not become a Disturbances in the dreams of the youth, that is why nowadays great importance has been being given to distance education. That’s why bringing international quality to professional courses is making it easier for the youth to access them. The name ‘World Peace Institute of United Nations’ (WPIUN) can be taken prominently in bridging international distances in the field of professional education. It is one of the leading distance education centers of international level in India, which has provided quality education in various disciplines since its inception. It has also promoted the concept of international human rights and peacekeeping, for which international conferences and seminars are organized from time to time.
Dr. Tapan Kumar rautaray Chairman of WPIUN believes that education should continue irrespective of external constraints like time, distance or financial constraints. Youth have every right to enhance their educational qualifications, skills and employment prospects. That’s why WPIUN constantly strives to improve the quality of its courses. The institute aspires to provide an unprecedented learning experience to students. Dr. Tapan kumar rautaray says “We have a respected faculty of teaching professionals who have vast knowledge and vast experience in their field. Our efficient computer-based exams and virtual classroom facilities make learning easier by bridging the gap between learners and teachers. We provide the facility of computer based assignment submission, computer-based exam scheduling, doubt clarification, personal assistance and counselling sessions to the students.”

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WPIUN offers a wide range of certificate and diploma courses in various fields such as Business Management, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Computer Applications, Journalism, Corporate Law and Teacher Training. All its courses are industry accepted and recognized. Dr.Abhinna Hota International Director of WPIUN, explains that the institute conducts a wide range of Olympiad examinations in diverse subjects such as English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, General Knowledge and Computers. The International Council of Olympiads is one of the leading platforms in India that organizes the most prominent Olympiad examinations for the students of grades 1 to 10.

Olympiads are national and international level competitive examinations, which have proved to be an excellent platform for students to test their skills in various subjects. The objective of the Olympiad is to put into practice what was learned in the class. Apart from conducting the International Olympiad Council exams, the institute also provides study materials and books designed by a team of respected industry professionals to aid the students in their preparation. WPIUN also offers a variety of scholarships encourage students. head office in India is in New Delhi.

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