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Youth Icon, Sahil Seth an officer from INDIAN REVNUE SERVICE (IRS) is all praise and proud of his Civil-Services training.

Indian Civil Services has repeatedly given the country a few of the best gems, dignitaries on whom we can feel proud of, as a nation. Be it Mr. Ajit Kumar Doval or Dr. Kiran Bedi or Mr. Arvind Kejrival, their names need no introduction. Their intelligence and wisdom are beyond words. There is another youth icon in the list that is proving that being a civil servant is no ordinary task, his Name is Mr. Sahil Seth, the presently posted as Deputy Commissioner of Custom Department Mumbai.
We come across many successful people who struggle due to lack of resources and make the path to glory, but Sahil Seth’s story has a twist. He comes from an affluent family from Punjab. His father owns a textile business there. He had no dearth of resources.

He says “When you have set an aim for you then it is easier to chase, but when you don’t have any aim or any direction in life then what would you aspire? Everyone had already decided the future for me before I could even understand.” During high school not only, he changed himself significantly and became focused but topped in the mathematics stream of his school in 12th and subsequently got admission to an engineering college.

He further says “When you lack guidance, it is extremely difficult to rely on self-decision, because then nobody is responsible for your failure. You have to take responsibility for your choices.” But depending on self-decision helped him later stage. In 3rd year of graduation, he decided his aim to be a civil servant against his family’s wishes. Very soon his aim became his passion. During this time apart from studying hard, he developed qualities of self- discipline, diligence, and multitasking. Despite clearing another most coveted entrance examination of the country- CAT, he decides to go ahead with UPSC preparations.
He says “UPSC preparations need whole of you. It is not only about bookish knowledge; it edifies you the importance of patience, focus, determination, presence of mind, articulating your thoughts, and more. It shapes your personality in a very different manner and most importantly instil the feeling of patriotism in you.”

He cracked UPSC in 2011 and went for training and induction as a Civil Service Officer to Hyderabad (MCRHRD), and post-induction went to Faridabad NACIN (National Academy for Custom Indirect Taxes and Narcotics) during this training he also attended 7 days learning program in Syracuse University, USA. Sahil says “The Civil-Services academies are few of the finest academies of our country. When you come out after training you are completely a different person. They train and fine-tune you in every aspect. I am one of those lucky people who got the opportunity to be there and get the training from a few of the finest brains of the country” he further adds” the civil services training is a holistic training which shapes you in all aspects. It included classroom lectures and equipping oneself with various acts and laws of the country to the visit and training with different wings of the government which includes Indian Army, Indian navy, coast guard, India forest services, Indian wildlife services, Narcotics, etc. The training also let to hand handling of practical situations on the ground by the way of village visits, field postings, and participation with intelligence agencies in actual raids, etc. The training also has a component for promoting esprit de corps by promoting and organizing cultural festivals, treks, marathons, etc.

Sahil Seth is a young 2011 batch IRS officer. He has held several respectable positions including Deputy Commissioner, Excise, Jammu (2014-2016), Deputy Commissioner Service Tax, Mumbai (2016-1017), Deputy Commissioner GST, Bhiwandi (2017-2018), and then Deputy Commissioner Customs, Mumbai. He is recently being appointed as Honorary Advisor of the BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry steering committee due to his excellent professional track record and efficiency.
Apart from being a diligent civil servant Sahil Seth is a true philanthropist by heart, he works with many not-for-profit organizations working for social welfare, especially in the field of education for underprivileged people.
Sahil Seth is an extremely organized and disciplined person. He believes that discipline and hard works play a great role in shaping an individual’s personality. Sahil Seth is a health & Fitness freak too, he gives huge priority to a healthy and balanced mind. He religiously practices Yoga and meditation which gives him the strength and focus required for highly stressful and responsible professions.
Sahil Seth has a great ability of multitasking, despite having a completely occupying schedule handling one of the busiest ports of the country he has managed to perform many additional duties like of BRICS and Joint Secretary IRS association and social work with much ease and organized way. He concludes” Whatever I am today and whatever I do, is just the outcome of consistent hard work, good training, and zeal for learning and performing.”

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