“Golden age transformation “, (inspiring lives, transforming souls ) celebrated #Zindagiacchihai . An evening to celebrate life and graduate the students of “Lifeschool programme”, a concept started by Dr Ramon llamba , who is the founder of Golden age transformation and a Phd in quantum physics , besides being a successful Life coach.

Life school is a setup to help individuals grow & learn the real concepts of how to feel empowered in life, when challanges & breakdowns happen. Normally, we often experience that we cannot have a grip on our own life or emotions, inspite of having everything. In these tiring times, relationships are falling apart, financial breakdowns are common, and depression has become an epidemic. Where does one go to , when one wants to be empowered through such times.

Life school by Dr Ramon is the answer. It is a programme based on the science & logic of emotion management, relationship management, stress & disease management. She teaches the art of law of attraction and karma management . This one year programme is a school one must attend if one wants to learn to come out as a winner in all aspects of life. Dr Llamba starts one batch every year because she believes in giving her best to the students passing out .

This evening was celebrated in Kingdom of dreams , in the midst of lots of grandeur , luxury and glamour because Dr ramon llamba , truly believes , that in order to celebrate your spiritual quotient , you dont have to give up your luxury or glamour quotient .

The evening also was about “Holistic wellness awards “, to felicitate some successful life coaches who are transforming lives and inspiring people to come out as winners in life. Being a successful Life coach herself, Dr lamba has been able to help people move out of life problems like depression, addiction, anger and fear patterns, financial & relationship breakdowns. With her innate knowingness and all her education, she definitely knows her subject and embraces a holistic approach towards mental and emotional wellness. Her approach towards spirituality is from the standpoint of science and Golden age transformation has been very successful in marrying and merging science & spirituality from a perspective of quantum physics.

Seen at the event were great personalities like Dr varun katyal , Vandy mehra , manoj mehra , Ashim chugh , Rohit kalra , madhavi juneja , Raashi anand , and many more people who believe that life is good. Zindagi acchi hai.

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